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By: Trainingfx  09-12-2011
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The search for the perfect bike took over two months for me. I had a 'North American' style bike (read: steel frame/fork/heavy/sloppy handling) on order from a local bike shop. They said it would be available in two weeks and would call me. Four weeks later, they said they had none on order and none would be in until the spring. Needless to say I was a bit upset with their customer service.

My search took me to Anthony's craigslist post for a carbon fork, aluminum frame French 'Rando' bike. I have yet to do a tour but from all the people I spoke with, aluminum and carbon are four letter words and what the heck does Rando mean anyway?

The whole fitting process is quite amazing. He measured my bone structure and digitally placed me on the bike in the position that would be most comfortable for me on long rides with heavy loads. The bike fit me flawlessly. As an amateur cyclist I am not too sure what a poorly fit bike would feel like. All I know is that I ride the bike almost every day, loaded and unloaded, no pain, just joy.

All I can say is great things about Anthony and the way he runs his business. He is a great guy with the intelligence and savvy to make his customers happy: not just to make the sale but in the long run as well.

After two months of joy, commuting with the odd long ride, I hit a pot hole destroying my rear wheel. Two days later, I noticed paint chipping off the frame so I immediately called to ask if I could meet with Anthony and we did so within 2 hours. Anthony examined the frame and asked about how it happened, took pictures and sent them to the frame manufacture to see what they will say about warranty/repair work to be done.

I am indeed thoroughly impressed with Anthony's customer service and attitude towards his business and would recommend anyone from first road bike buyer to professional racer to go have a chat with him.

-- Matt

Keywords: bike, Customer Service, Frame

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