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By: Tim Yacyshyn  09-12-2011
Keywords: Accounting, Contract Accounting

Tim Yacyshyn - C.A., C.P.A. :: Services ::


Public Accounting

I am licensed to practice public accounting in the province of British Columbia. This includes:

  • financial statement preparation and analysis
  • corporate tax return preparation (including research and development)
  • small business advisory services
  • accounting and bookkeeping assistance

Contract Accounting Assistance

I am also available on contract basis to assist you with any accounting needs your company may have:

Why hire a CA?

  • accountability
  • integrity
  • experience

See information provided by the
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia:

Why hire a Contractor?

  • flexibility - not bound by the Employment Standards Act:
  • - flexible working hours - able to work longer hours, if required
  • - flexible working days (including weekends, if need be)
  • labour cost savings:
  • - no "hidden costs", such as benefits, to pay (..which can add-up
    to 20% of your labour costs)
  • - no CPP to pay
  • - no EI to pay
  • - no need to pay expensive overtime
  • once your deadlines are over, your obligation ends:
  • - no severance to pay
  • - no "notice period" required upon termination
  • audit cost savings - increased efficiency of the year-end reporting process
  • gives your accounting team an "extra pair of hands" to relieve some of the
    work pressures facing them - you end-up with a more satisfied workforce
    (with less chance of burn-out)
  • able to provide a different perspective on your company's operations:
  • - bring an "outsider's view" of policies and procedures with a view
    to implementing "best practices"

Keywords: Accounting, Contract Accounting