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By: Thinking Dimensions  09-12-2011

"Teach me to fish, rather than catching the fish for me!" This axiom rings true because most people would like to be empowered and skilled up to repeat the exercise by themselves in the future. Many times, TD is requested to not only help the client to solve the problem, but in doing so, to also teach the participants how to do it themselves the next time. TD also believes in this philosophy and will encourage it where appropriate..rather than "holding onto the process."

When an IT manager is experiencing an incident that needs to be resolved quickly, accurately and permanently, TD will structure the assignment so that the team will resolve the incident while concurrently training them for repeat applications of the process to other incidents. The duration of such an assignment is normally anything between 2 to 3 days.

The consultant will then work with the team through the appropriate process, teaching the basics about the processes with their tools and techniques and also how to use the templates correctly. Once the processes have been learned, the trainer will then facilitate the team with their own situation under supervision. The team will be coached during these sessions with feedback on how to improve on their skill levels. More than 50% of the class time is spent on own issue situations.

In many cases, post workshop coaching and advice may be requested. In theses cases, TD and the client will come to an arrangement of how to handle the need.

When the client is satisfied that the process with its tools, techniques and templates adds real value to what they are doing, only then  would discussions begin on how can  TD to provide total in-house skills for sustainable and continued usage. This would involve an agreement between TD and the client to train in-house facilitators. These in-house facilitators would be skilled in depth to assist any team with any issue at any level of the organization. Once these facilitators have been trained, the TD consultant will help with his/her first facilitations to ensure the new in-house facilitator is comfortable in applying their new skills.

If you would like to consider this service, select your location and contact the appropriate consultant for that area. See


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System Downtime – Whenever a team experiences an outage, it is normally due to an incident that occurred, i.e., a system breach or excessive time to bring up a system once it has failed. Level of Re-work – The IT professional has to be content with recurring incidents, which in turn have a major effect on costs, staff productivity and morale.


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Examples of such preparations would be ensuring the right people around the table, arranging for the appropriate logs, graphs and diagrams to be used in the session and other logistical arrangements. Thinking Dimensions uses their KEPNERandFOURIE™ methodology to help clients solve their burning issues surrounding Service Availability, Operational Costs Reduction and Productivity Improvement.


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