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By: The Seer Resort Company  09-12-2011
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It is commonly understood that the role of the master plan is to serve as the framework for design and construction in the resort development process, but the additional advantages in preparing a sound master plan are less known. Master plans also serve the following functions.

  1. Master plans secure development rights and a defined approval process.
  2. Master plans maximize the value of land holdings.
  3. Master plans reduce mistakes in capital investment.
  4. Master plan documentation assists with financing approval.
  5. A master plan is a strong marketing tool.
  6. Master plans build consensus among stakeholders.
  7. A master plan is flexible to accommodate change over time.

Skiing, Golf + Recreation Resorts

The Seer Resort Company has gained international recognition in the master planning of skiing. golf, and other recreation based resorts and resort communities. Our projects have been located in North America, South America, Europe and Australasia.

With this diversity of contexts and resort types, we have learned to understand and respond to local design determinants and markets to create a unique ‘Sense of Place’ and identity for each resort. Throughout the master planning process, we carefully consider green design principles to ensure that the resort’s market appeal will be optimized, and construction and long term operating costs are minimized.

Our master planning also benefits from our knowledge of the detailed architecture and landscape architecture requirements that we understand as architects and landscape architects working in these resort settings.

Mountain Layout + Facilities Design

For over thirty years the Seer Resort Company team has been involved in all aspects of mountain facilities planning, engineering, construction and operations start up. Extensive experience in the full continuum of services ensures that efficiencies are attained early in the planning stages to minimize operating costs.

Seer has developed a highly effective terrain analysis and mountain planning process to establish optimum ski run layout and lift placement. This four phase process begins with a terrain reconnaissance utilizing Google Earth, then a 3D ‘smartmap’ study is completed based upon digital topographical mapping of the site at a maximum of ten meter contour intervals. The ‘smartmap’ study analyses terrain suitability for various skier abilities, solar exposure, winds, avalanche hazards, forest cover, watercourses and geological conditions.

A preliminary conceptual plan is created, followed by a site visit to confirm site conditions and the accuracy of the Conceptual Plan. Typically, several site visits are made during the various seasons to gain as much familiarity as possible with local conditions.

Information that is acquired during the site visits is then integrated in the refinement of the Conceptual Plan to produce a detailed Master Plan. Three-dimensional modeling and animated ‘fly throughs’ are typically generated to better communicate the Master Plan. These animations have also been valuable as a marketing tool in real estate development programs.

Golf Course Design

The Seer Resort Company and their associates believe that the best golf is played in the most natural surroundings, and on golf courses that are sustainable in the environment of which they are part.

To accomplish these goals, we balance the art of design with a methodical and environmental approach in the routing, design, construction, maintenance and operation of each golf course. By designing for environmental sustainability, our golf courses deliver superior playing conditions yet require less water for irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides, fossil fuels and operating capital than other area golf courses.

Members of the Seer Resort Company team are acknowledged by leading industry publications as the pioneers in environmentally responsible golf through years of experimentation with innovative science and technology applications to golf course design and construction.

Keywords: Golf Course, Landscape Architects, Landscape Architecture, Resort Company, Resort Development,

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