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By: The Pet Shop Boys  09-12-2011

"Celebrate the one you love." This simple idea is what inspired artist and designer Michelle Renee Wilson to create multi-media portraits of the people and moments that make our lives unique and full of love. And in the world of The Pet Shop Boys, that means dogs. Your dogs. They're your friends, your companions and they have an integral role in your life and happiness. So celebrate them! Tell us what makes them tick, a funny story perhaps, mark the day they were born or their growth through the years, and let Michelle combine your favorite photos with your favorite memories to create a piece that truly celebrates your favorite canine.Michelle has been a successful graphic designer in Vancouver, BC for more than 13 years. Her hand-painted, mixed-media portraits enable her combine her design skills with her artistic talents, and help her to make a more joyful connection with her clients.
sizes & prices
mini 8 x 8 inches $95 + $20 frame Other available sizes:
small 12 x 12 inches $145 + $40 frame x-large 48 x 48 inches $2295 + $220
medium 24 x 24 inches $575 + $125 frame small double-wide 24 x 12 inches $285 + $70 frame
large 36 x 36 inches $1295 + $200 frame medium double-wide 48 x 24 inches $1155 + $140 frame

Our painted portraits are mixed media on 1 3/4” thick board panels which are then framed in a shadow box without glass. The boards are very lightweight and do not require any extra support to be hung on your wall. Each piece is finished with an acrylic varnish, which ensures they are protected from typical wear and tear when hung on your wall. Dry wipe for dust build up, but it’s best not to wipe with anything wet.All artwork is framed in a wood canvas floater frame, without glass. Hanging wires are also attached, so your piece is ready to hang. Most pieces can be ready in 2 to 4 weeks, although winter holidays may require 6 to 8 weeks. submissions
Please fill out the request form and submit. Michelle will contact you to confirm the details before starting work.
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