Development Consulting « The Lumina Group

By: The Lumina Group  09-12-2011

Development Consulting « The Lumina Group

Development Consulting

Tasks that Lumina Services can provide assistance with include:

* Finding financial sources to fund development consulting activities;
* Helping to identify professional resources, including architects and engineers;
* Working with municipal officials;
* Setting up financial and legal structures;
* Providing community consultation;
* Coordinating communication and marketing activities;
* Coordinating project design and construction.
* Providing training and education for project staff.

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What is the best marketing approach to ensure full occupancy?* Who is the target market?* Are rents or purchase prices competitive in the marketplace?* What needs to happen to attain and maintain full occupancy. Through a variety of mechanisms, Lumina Services can help the owners of properties suffering from slower than anticipated absorption to increase occupancy. Troubled Property Analysis «The Lumina Group.