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By: The Integral Business Leadership Group  09-12-2011

Developing Organizations To Be Their Best For The World

Based on an accurate assessment of where you are at the individual, team and organizational level, we provide recommendations and support for becoming a high performing organization.

The Integral Organization Framework

Based on our extensively researched Integral Organization Framework, our process identifies your level of progress towards becoming an ideal organization that performs in a balanced way across the four quadrants of effectiveness, efficiency, culture and wellbeing. It also includes the level of development of the organization, the team and the individual.

The Integral Organization Survey provides a truly balanced scorecard of organizational performance comparable over time and with other organizations.

The process provides a reliable picture of where your organization is situated as a whole and in specific areas in need of improvement. Recommendations are provided with suggested actions that will enable your organization to move beyond its current level of development by increasing its capacity in critical areas.

How Reliable is the Data?

The Integral Organization Survey has been used with over 20,000 participants in over 130 organizations covering a wide range of work.  The standard questions, known as the Integral Organization Indicator (IOI), have been tested to ensure validity and reliability of results.  Over 25 years of experience with the Survey has shown that the results consistently distinguish high performing organizations from low to moderate performing organizations with accuracy.


In addition to standard questions, additional customized questions can be included to address current issues for the organization.  Demographic and open-ended questions are also included.  These questions are tailored to gain further insight into what occurs in the organization.

What Will The Results Consist Of and Tell You?

  • An Integral Development Map of the organization
  • A professional report summarizing results by each participating functional unit and the organization as a whole
  • Areas of strength your organization can build upon
  • Areas that need improvement
  • Whether the organization is improving in these areas over time

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