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By: The Integral Business Leadership Group  09-12-2011
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“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World” Mahatma Gandhi

  • What do you desire most right now?
  • What will make the ultimate difference to you personally and/or professionally?
  • What are the unique action steps that move you from ‘longing/searching’ to realizing your greatest potential?
  • These are some of the fundamental questions we help clients navigate in the pursuit of their fullest expression.

    Why Integral Coaching?

    Integral Coaching® provides a comprehensive method and approach to bringing about change.  This can be a new way of being at work and in life or transformative depth work that brings about radical development.  It includes both Executive Coaching and Life Coaching.

    Our Certified Integral Coaches

    We are all Certified Professional Integral Coaches™ with extensive business experience spanning a variety of industries and organizations.  In short, we can quickly step into your shoes, cut through “stories” and help you get to the heart of the matter for sustainable change and transformation.

    More Productive and More Satisfied

    Our Integral Coaches work at building your ability to move in new directions while loosening the grip of old patterns and habits.  In actively working in both of these areas at the same time, the Integral Coach™ helps the client shift quite quickly and radically into healthier, more productive and deeply satisfying ways of being at work and in their life.

    Sustainable Change & Transformation

    The solution for sustainable change and transformation is to build capacities for a ‘new way of seeing’ and ‘doing’.  This is what the Integral Coaching® Method does — and it works quickly and powerfully.   This is why the Integral Coaching® Method has been described as best-in-class and  called the change modality of our times.

    Seeing Yourself As You Are

    An Integral Coach™ starts with exploring a Topic (i.e., over-arching objective) you wish to accomplish.  The Integral Coach™ then enables you to delve into this Topic to see what your approach has been up until now.  That is, we enable you to more effectively identify and work with long-standing patterns, habits, ways of seeing, etc.  We help illuminate the “blind spot” which typically keeps us ‘stuck’ in our familiar ways despite our best efforts.

    Building New Capacities

    The solution for sustainable change and transformation is to build the capacities necessary to accomplish the over-arching developmental objective.   This is the challenge reported with some skills training programs.  These may be very good at providing the additional knowledge and skills you may be seeking, but there often is not the opportunity to build the necessary personal capacities to be able to apply those skills in a sustained way over time.  This is what an Integral Coach™ helps you do.  We work with the whole human being to ensure meaningful change is sustained.

    The Road Map

    To be able to work with a client in this way involves employing a Method that incorporates decades of research in Leadership and Human Development.  The Integral Coaching® Method has developed and adapted a way of looking at the whole human being that involves a particular way of applying Ken Wilber’s Integral Model.  The lenses used in the Integral Coaching® Method are as follows:

    1. Quadrants Lens
    2. Levels of Consciousness Lens
    3. Lines of Development Lens
    4. Type Lens (Enneagram & Gender Type structures)
    5. States of Consciousness Lens

    Keywords: Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching

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