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By: The Fab Group  09-12-2011
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"FAB"ulous Value Added Services

The FAB Group is in close contact with AM Financial Services Lim., mortgage brokers. AM Financial can approve a mortgage for basically any one, using any financial institution necessary, including mortgage wholesalers. FAB offers advisors a 15% commission based on a referral.

This Service has been created as a way to reduce liability while also guiding advisors and their clients through the last will and testament process. A legal waiver is provided to the advisor as well as step by step instructions for will completion.

An allocation of funds between the Shareholder/employee and the Corporation into life or critical illness insurance that benefits both parties. To help with this complex concept The FAB Group, with specially designed software, can quote these policies and prepare a case presentation.

Advisors who qualify for the continuing production bonus with Industrial Alliance Pacific ($10,000 FYC) will receive $500 matching fund from IAP for advertising, The FAB Group will then match the next $500 of advertising expense.

FAB-U-Term is a cost comparison of 10 year term and 20 year term Life insurance on one page. It provides a present day value average cost for each 10, 20 and 30 year premiums. The FAB Group will pick the initial and renewal rates for the top 5 companies and enter them into the excel spreadsheet. The printout will clearly identify the 3 best premium paying periods. This eliminates the time, effort, and cost to the advisor and adds to their professionalism.

The FAB Group has contracted a CFP with more than 15 years experience serving clients’ investment portfolio and insurance needs. Should your client need financial planning you can refer them to this service in turn an incentive bonus is in effect if business is placed directly through the FAB Financial planning service.

This program offers your clients who are business owners a health care plan for their employees that is simplified for both the company and the employee. This plan offers more coverage than most other plans and is tax deductible.

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Keywords: Financial Planning, Financial Services, Insurance, Life Insurance, Mortgage