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By: Teresia  09-12-2011

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The Magic of the Mastermind

What do Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein have in common?

What do the most brilliant and effective people in the world do to achieve far more – in less time? They MasterMind!

Dear Self-Employed Professional,

How big would you dare to dream if you had the support of a highly-skilled team of like-minded individuals behind you? How far could you go with a well-developed network that was as invested in your success as you are? How focused would you be if your decisions were presented to your mentors and peers on a regular basis?

You’d be inspired — committed — dynamic — unstoppable!

Are you ready to take a shortcut to a more productive, profitable way of doing business?

Are you wondering how to move beyond where you are today, and take your business to the next level?

A highly effective MasterMind group could very well be the most powerful tool you ever apply to your business.

Isn’t it time things got easier?
Building a business can be a great adventure, but let’s face it – it can also be intensely difficult. Tremendously demanding. Confusing. Overwhelming. Isolating.

Three years ago i was ready to expand my business. I was looking at how to leverage my time and create more passive income. I wanted to go beyond exchanging my time for money.

When I thought about what I wanted to create in my business I was excited about the possibilities but it also began to feel like a heavy burden as these new opportunities would be a huge learning curve.I did not want to begin this venture on my own.

When I started my business in 1996 i did do it all alone. Yes I had a coach and I still felt like a lone ranger. I worked hard and I figured most things out on my own.

However, at this stage of my business I had succumbed to working smarter not harder. I was clear I was not going to reinvent the wheel to bring my business to the next level.

One day speaking with my long-term colleague and good friend Sonia Stringer I was sharing with her my new goals and perceived challenges - and she could relate. We began brainstorming together and we instantly agreed it was time to create a mastermind team. We knew of other coaches who had the same goals and wanted the same results.

We asked ourselves if we could create the ideal mastermind what would it look like and who would be on it? Then we made it happen.

Why MasterMind?
MasterMinding is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to succeed… anyone who is committed to achieving at an exponential level… anyone who has been drained by the endless challenges of running and growing a business.

To put it simply, MasterMinding is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life and action into just about any situation.

The insights, opportunities and connections available through MasterMinding can save you untold hours and vast amounts of money… even in your very first meeting!

Building a business is a rigorous path – both wildly exhilarating and deeply exhausting. The demands on your time, energy and attention are intense – and there are days when you know that your business requires more than you have to give.

After all, you can’t be an expert in everything, but you’re responsible for making informed decisions in a wide range of areas:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Strategic planning
  • Masterful coaching
  • Financial decisions
  • Technical needs

Take a hint from the masters…

Napolean Hill’s research on the most successful people in modern history.

One of the leading thinkers of the last century, Napoleon Hill, took an assignment from one of the most powerful businessmen of all time, Andrew Carnegie. He was commissioned to interview the most successful people in the world – to study their lives, habits, ways of thinking and actions – and find the common threads. His job was to identify and understand the basic elements of success itself.

It took 29 years and over 500 interviews, and it resulted in Hill’s timeless classic, Think and Grow Rich. Filled with bold conclusions and valuable insights, it was the first book to investigate and reveal the power of the MasterMind.

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not so lonely at the top. In fact, genius loves company.

Hill discovered that every one of the brilliant thinkers and influential businessmen he interviewed relied on a carefully selected team of advisors, an inner circle of peers who collaborated on a regular basis. He realized that every achiever is surrounded by people who help, advise, criticize, encourage, motivate, inspire and push them to be better than they ever could be on their own.

To paraphrase Napoleon Hill, when you pursue your dreams with the support of a MasterMind, you can:

  • Borrow and use the education, experience, influence and capital of other people.
  • Accomplish more in one year than you could in a lifetime without the group.
  • Draw upon spiritual forces within you.
  • Develop protection against failure.
  • You also gain the immeasurable benefit of fresh perspectives from people who can see beyond your own limited range of vision.

Each Person in Our Mastermind Has Taken Their Business to the Next Level
The efforts of our mastermind team have paid off tremendously. Over the course of three years, we built an immensely successful MasterMind.

  • Sonia increased her profits by 30%, and decreased her work hours by 50%!
  • Andrew tripled his income and hired two support staff!
  • Kevin expanded his practice from a local market to a nationwide clientele!
  • Jim dreams of coaching a million people – and with the help of our MasterMind group, he created a system that’s going to make that possible!

Every single person in the group took their business to the nest level.

When we started the process of building our group, we couldn’t find a comprehensive set of instructions. Sure, there were plenty of websites that talked about how incredible a MasterMind could be, and we came across some articles that included a brief overview of the stages of putting a group together.

But nothing addressed the finer points of creating and running a truly exceptional MasterMind group. And we were committed to building something exceptional.

So we worked at it. We talked about it. We felt our way through the process, trying out different formats and processes, checking in with each other to see what was working. It was an awkward process and quite time-consuming… even emotional at times… but well worth every ounce of effort we put into it.

Even after we were well established, we continued to learn about how to get the most out of MasterMinding. We’ve spent nearly a year exploring and examining our collective experience with MasterMinding, and that of our clients, looking to discern the difference between an incredible group and one that fails.

Replicate Our Success
By the end of our third year together, other people were coming to us, asking about how to replicate our success.

Being so passionate about our group and the results we’ve created together, we were excited to share our experiences and insights with other people.

It wasn’t long before we committed ourselves to writing the most comprehensive guide on MasterMinding ever created.

We’ve researched, interviewed, analyzed, discussed… and we’ve distilled all that material down to one powerful, concise, easy-to-read book on how to create and maintain the most inspired, effective MasterMind possible – The Magic of the MasterMind: How to Ignite the Power of People to Create Extraordinary Results.

In The Magic of the Mastermind ebook you will learn:

  • How to design a powerful mastermind group that thrives!
  • Where to find your members, and how to craft a compelling invitation.
  • A basic framework for your meeting agenda, with tips on what topics to explore and how to build the group’s effectiveness over time.
  • How to handle interpersonal challenges, competition and confidentiality, with practical tools to resolve issues and clarify agreements.
  • What to do when things get stagnant – innovative ideas to breathe new life into a tired group.
  • How to design a group that meets your specific needs.
  • In addition to the “how-to” essentials, The Magic of the MasterMind includes a detailed discussion of… the Magic! An intriguing chapter explores the extraordinary space that a collaborative group can move into, a place of heightened clarity and synchronicity, where solutions materialize effortlessly and insights abound.

Plus you’ll receive the Mastermind Toolkit….

We know you don’t have much time – most successful professionals are running full speed just to keep up. The Magic of the MasterMind includes a MasterMinding Toolkit, a package of templates, scripts, resources and ideas to help you design a group that works for you – quickly. It includes information on:

  • Sharing and rotating responsibilities.
  • Accessing free teleconferencing services.
  • Finding an established group to join.
  • Alternative models of masterminding.

The Toolkit provides you with everything you need to launch your group before the end of today.

And much more..

Sh orten Your Learning Curve and Get Started…
When you purchase The Magic of the Mastermind ebook you will receive a total of 57 pages of packed information, tools and resources that will save save yourself the time, frustration and effort of building an ineffective MasterMind. The Magic of the MasterMind promises to shorten the learning curve and dramatically improve your ability to build – and benefit from – an exceptional group.

When you consider the true value of the book…

  • The combined expertise of 9 of the most successful business coaches in North America, each of whom charge well over $200 an hour for their time,
  • Hundreds of hours of brainstorming, researching, and investigating how to create a truly exceptional MasterMind – all condensed into one focused, easy-to-read book,
  • Templates, forms and resources to get your own MasterMind up and running – the right way – as soon as possible,

… you’ll recognize that it just doesn’t make any sense to move forward without it. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know to build – and truly grow with – your own exceptional MasterMind group.

When you download your copy of The Magic of the MasterMind today, you’ll receive our special introductory pricing. For a limited time we are offering this complete guide to MasterMinding for only $49. Chances are good that you’ll recoup many times that cost in your very first meeting!

Ready for Results?
Anything that you can do on your own, you can do faster with a MasterMind.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from a successful mastermind team that has been together for over 3 years?

Don’t wait. Every day that you’re in business without the power of a MasterMind behind you, you’re exposing yourself to a world of unnecessary risks and challenges. You no longer have to be the lone ranger entrepreneur. Follow this guide and create your own powerful team. Remember.. Together Everyone Achieves More.

You can start transforming your life in the next ten minutes…

Teresia LaRocque, MCC

P.S. This offer has a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't see the value in 'The Magic of the Mastermind' ebook you can return it in 30 days!

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