Product Details: Current Sensor

By: Temcocontrols  09-12-2011

The CS Current Sensor is a solid state transducer for measuring the current in fans, pumps and other HVAC equipment.  Select one of three ranges by moving a jumper on the device to operate over 10A, 20A and 50A.  This sensor outputs 0-5V directly and requires no power supply.

Clamping / split core current transformer is designed to provide a low cost method to monitoring electrical current. A unique hinge and locking snap allows attachment without interrupting the current-carrying wire. High secondary turn will develop signals up to 10Vac across a burden resistor.


  • self powered, no external power supply required.
  • 1-5VDC output, connects directly to automation systems.
  • One sensor for three ranges, jumper selected.
  • Low cost, replaces digital status relays.

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