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By: Tekara  09-12-2011
Keywords: Strategic Planning, Culture

Our work focuses on five interconnected factors that drive business success. All five are critical, none is sufficient by itself, and each affects the others. They include: , , , , and . plays a key role in both the approach we take to delivering our services, as well as supporting and integrating each of the other factors.

Five Success Factors


Why it's important: Organizational results would be stagnant if leaders did not envision new possibilities, inspire a shared vision, reinforce a positive working culture, maintain a focus on results, and support people to execute at a high performance level year after year.

Key outcomes: Strong leadership leads to clear vision, greater focus and inspiration.


Why it's important: Successful strategic planning enables you to picture your organization's future (vision) and clearly define your business purpose (mission) to guide your workforce's decisions and priorities.

Key outcomes: For any organization, the ability to formulate strategy and to create or respond to change is key to sustaining direction and commitment.


Why it's important: A well designed organizational structure integrates not only the people, but also the information and technology of an organization – and it also matches the form of the organization as closely as possible to its purpose (strategy).

Key outcomes: This factor is critical to sustaining the level of clarity and integration in great organizations.


Why it's important: A strong organizational culture is an organization's long-term competitive advantage: not only does it attract and retain the best people, but also provides an environment where they can do and be their best, contributing to bottom line results.

Key outcomes: Strong culture leads to greater alignment and engagement of an organization's greatest resource: its people.


Why it's important: No matter how good your strategy, culture and structure are, the ability to execute is the difference between a company and its competitor.

Key outcomes: Efficient processes that complement peoples' efforts – rather than impede them – lead to greater accountability and results.

Keywords: Culture, Strategic Planning

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Culture | Tekara Organizational Effectiveness

At the core of every culture is a set of well-defined values and beliefs that guide the definition of the behaviours, systems and practices that are required to achieve the business goals. It also creates an environment that enables those talented people to realize their full potential. A strong corporate culture will assist you in attracting talented people and retaining them.


Structure | Tekara Organizational Effectiveness

We guide clients through a systematic design process that encourages creative thinking while working with managers at every level of the organization to link strategic objectives to the day-to-day reality of employees and their jobs. Competency modeling aligns individual and organizational performance and establishes the foundation for talent management and planning the succession of company leadership.


Strategy | Tekara Organizational Effectiveness

Tekara's customized approach to strategic planning is unique because we also work with clients to integrate business processes and operational plans in order to build internal alignment with the strategic plan and to sustain implementation success. Effective strategic planning provides a clear picture of the desired future state of an organization.


Coaching | Tekara Organizational Effectiveness

The coaching process begins by exploring your specific needs and articulating your short and longer-term coaching goals. Coaching concentrates on closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Want to define a clear game plan for a specific project and objective. The pace, complexity, and economic uncertainty have all increased. In addition to individual benefits the organisation benefits from.


Leadership | Tekara Organizational Effectiveness

Integrated with the client organization's strategic platform (mission, vision, values) and with existing internal processes and systems (e.g., competency frameworks, performance management processes, and succession planning systems). Leadership development begins with understanding and articulating what skills and behaviours represent good leadership practice in a particular organization.


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