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By: Taproot Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Professional Services, data collection, network performance

TapRoot’s EMA for Customer Experience solution provides operators a subscriber centric view of network performance and Quality of Experience. Built on TapRoot’s EMA Platform, EMA for Customer Experience provides a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) focused on providing the deepest possible visibility to Quality of Experience.

Collecting KPI’s across a subscriber base gives operators key insight into where their network performance is acceptable, and where it can be improved. These KPI’s can also map to location, time-of-day, content consumption, subscriber segments, and other attributes to give operators previously unavailable insight into their network and service utilization.

Acquiring this data on-device improves the reach, breadth, and supports a wide set of KPI’s. TapRoot’s Embedded Mobile Analytics Platform provides both intuitive graphical reports as well as integrating with current network analysis tools by allowing those solutions to extend information collection from the network, to the device.


  • Scalable solution to support from tens, to millions of subscribers.
  • Data collection on any network including: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, CDMA2000, and Wi-Fi.
  • Over The Air (OTA) provisioning and configuration of devices.
  • Rich suite of KPIs to enable a deep understanding of network performance and Quality of Experience.
  • Transparent operation does not alter or diminish the usability of the device. EMA Software Agents run in the background and have negligible effect on battery life and device performance.
  • The EMA Server provides graphical reporting and mapping tools for data analysis. A pre-configured set of reports addresses our customers most critical use cases. The EMA Server also is integrated with Network Analysis and Optimization equipment from leading vendors to extend data collection to devices.
  • Flexible EMA Server hosting options.
  • TapRoot’s professional services group is available to ensure a seamless startup.


  • Rich set of KPIs including:
    • Signal quality
    • Data Throughput
    • Round Trip Delay
    • Jitter
    • Mobile originated / mobile terminated call information
    • Dropped calls
    • Network handovers
    • Roaming information
    • Call quality
    • SMS/MMS usage and failures
    • Web browsing
    • Media content consumption
    • Application usage
  • Location aware
  • Fully scalable server solution
  • Over-The-Air provisioning, configuration, enable/disable, and upgrades
  • Management of individual devices and groups of devices
  • Secure and configurable Over-The-Air upload of collected data
  • EMA Software Agents are available on Symbian S60, Microsoft Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry and leading data cards. Android will be supported in 2Q10

Keywords: data collection, Graphical Reporting, network analysis, network performance, Professional Services, Server Hosting, Software Agents,

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The foundation of EMA is a small, transparent, field downloadable EMA Software Agent that runs on leading smartphone platforms and PC’s with USB 3G/4G data sticks. This EMA Software Agent can be deployed to tens, or tens of millions of subscribers to provide visibility across a subscriber base. The EMA Server manages devices, processes data, and provides an intuitive set of graphical reporting tools.


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