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By: Sutherland Consulting Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership, Leadership Development

The role of front line supervisors is changing – it’s not just about supervising the routine aspects of daily work anymore. Supervisors need to effectively direct the work and they need to manage the performance of employees, support change initiatives, participate in creating new products or services, develop client relationships and manage expenses.

Without support and training, frontline supervisors experience difficulties with leadership tasks such as managing performance, giving feedback and promoting active communication. It is possible to develop effective leadership without expensive courses or off-site programs. In fact, 70% of leadership development happens on the job.

Our approach to frontline leadership includes developing a clear understanding of the needs of your employees and your managers to customize a solution that’s a perfect fit for your business. We work with you to create learning opportunities that foster coaching, mentoring and developmental challenges through on-the-job training. Building the frontline leadership capacity will energize the whole organization, capitalize on existing resources and build the strengths and expertise already present in your company.

Businesses everywhere are undergoing change whether imposed by technology or in response to marketplace demand. Leaders at all levels must be able to support people to thrive during the challenges that inevitably accompany change. During change, the best leaders support the organizational vision and values, make sense of uncertainty and galvanize people into action, even when it is difficult.

Successful change requires more than a detailed plan or comprehensive strategy. You need leaders who can support their staff to adapt – some people are more resilient during change while others are hesitant or just resistant. Change is always about the people not the model or the steps involved in getting from where you are to where you need to be. Change is never linear – there is always at least one dip in emotions and performance – requiring leaders who can help others through the challenges.

Keywords: leadership, Leadership Development

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