Solidification Simulation, Mold Filling Simulation

By: Sutcast  09-12-2011

SUT CAST simulation software developed to accurately simulate the entire casting process and provide quick and reliable solutions to casting problems for any casting process and material needs

With SUTCAST products as part of your foundry tool, you will deliver better products and significantly reduce your project time and costs.

An easy to use, user friendly and affordable price for foundry man.We can work with you to settle in solutions to fit your needs and your budget

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Solidification Simulation, Mold Filling Simulation, Services

With using SUTCAST casting simulation software, we simulate your current casting design and provide a report related to the solidification and mold filling simulation result. Mechanical properties prediction (cast iron and Aluminum alloys. Temperature Distribution during Solidification and Mold Filling. Solidification and Fluid Flow analysis (Casting Simulation. Liquid Mapping (feeding distance prediction.


Mold Filling Simulation, Casting Simulation Software

SUTCAST is an economical decision-making tool that allows you to understand and visualize the effects of changes and the resulting prior to operation. SUTCAST software provides the flexibility to create a specific solution which can be adapted to your foundryâ??s needs.  Please look at to our products and solutions and see how we can help you to promote your foundry and products.