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Retreat will be sponsored by The Vancouver School of Writing starting 2012 

Kathrin Lake will give both group instruction and one-on-one coaching in writing using her powerful Power of Story method, and also instruction on publishing in our eWorld. She is an author and speaker who has over 20 years experience teaching writing to adults and coaching speakers and authors. Kathrin is an award winning playwright, former newspaper editor and has helped hundreds of people write their first published works, and helped many more get over their fears and procrastination around writing and speaking.

"Every Winter, usually in mid February, I take people on a retreat to my beautiful small town in Mexico to show them how to start to take their dream out of the box and write their book." Make sure you get on our list as an interested person, and see below for all costs and details.


The Power of Story Method:

Other Subjects Addressed

  • Nurturing the Writer within
  • Raw writing – How to get it all out
    • Power of Story – How to create great stories and use them for full impact
    • Story
    • Context
    • Word Play
    • Fiction - Character Development
    • Non-fiction - Structuring
    • Going for excellence without perfectionism (blocks)
    • Description / Detail
    • Dialogue and how to use
    • Creative Tricks and Tips
    • Organizing and shaping your work – step by step
    • The 5 KInds of Publishing - tools and advice


  • You will be writing and be able to get your project well on its way to completion
  • You will be taught great techniques
  • You will gain new ways of thinking to help you through blocks
  • You will have fresh material that excites you
  • You will get clarity and organization
  • You will be shown how to get to your dreams or stories and share them through an impactful story format
  • You will have a plan
  • You will bond with others and support each other into the future
  • You will be suffused with the beauty of Mexico
  • You will share fearlessly and proudly

Facilitation Fees (as of date of this flyer – subject to changes - these are instruction / facilitation fees only - see below for all costs for approximate travel and accommodation etc.)

1 week retreat Feb 15 – 21 = $477 per person – 20% off with early bird booking ($380)

2 week retreat Feb 15 – 28 = $697 per person – 20% off with early bird booking ($557)

A confirmed schedule will be sent to participants well in advance.

Assured Accommodation

Budget Apartments 

WAS $55 / night NOW $35 / night for private, clean apartment two blocks from beach and can be shared between a couple or friends who don’t mind sharing a double bed. This cost is given separately from the package so it allows participants to stay longer or come early. Prices for different size apartmetns and for extra amenities will be sent to you for your needs and your budgeting. Maid service is once a week.We purposely do not have accommodations with televisions so that you will get your writing done, and wifi is at the rooftop deck. You may find your own accomodation at your comfort level and budget level.


Moderate to More Expensive Accomodation is readily availble

$70  to $100/ night  for hotel with pool and all usual amenities. 


We recommend you use your points to get best values on a return flight to Manzanillo. The retreat is in a coastal town to the north of the airport that is a taxi ride away. For best values without points, try (go to discount airfares tab), Alaska Airlines, or Air Transat.


Some snacking food and refreshments may be supplied during classes however meals are not included. The town has so many restaurant choices that we prefer to move the evening meal around and you can also have the fun of discovering your own favorites within comfortable walking distance. The apartments have kitchenettes allowing those who want to cook for themselves to do so. In Mexico, food at restaurants is generally much cheaper and there are no taxes. For evening meals we may have some reservations and discounted group rates for a full meal and drinks, like at our final farewell dinner. At restaurants, you should allow for hearty breakfasts to cost = $2-$5, lunch = $3-$6 and dinner = $8-$15. Allow for street vendor tacos which are hot and fresh and you get 4 for about $1.50.

Your Total Budget  (Approximate – does not allow for discounts and points flying so can be considerably less, or if you book an expensive flight can be considerably more, also does not allow for shared accommodation.)

1 week =  $1300 - $2000 (can be lower if you are using points etc)

2 weeks = $1800 - $2500 (can be lower is you are using points etc)

Other Opportunities

  • Boat, Fishing, Snorkeling or other Tours

  • Shopping! Great arts and crafts!

  • Booze is cheap and bars are relaxed

  • Clubs and bars frequently have live music rarely with a cover charge unless a charity event

  • The infamous Mexican Drag Queen Show at “Bar Siboney”

  • Taxis to neighboring towns are inexpensive, or you can take a local bus for 60 cents

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Keywords: Writing

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