Features - Site Optimizer - Speed Up Your Website's Page Load Times

By: Strangeloop Networks  09-12-2011

Dynamic Browser Caching reduces roundtrips and improves user experience:

  • Browser Cache Expiry and Invalidation leverages the browser cache to speed up repeat page views by eliminating unnecessary requests for content and resource validation. The browser automatically downloads new resources if/when they change.
  • Predictive Browser Cache improves the user experience by intelligently pre-loading the resources that will be needed on subsequent pages.

Dynamic Output Cache extends server capacity by caching a high percentage of data from dynamic web sites while maintaining proper application behavior.

Dynamic Resource Consolidator reduces roundtrips by consolidating similar resources into single files, which the browser downloads only once per page. Files are optimized according to browser capability and include techniques such as concatenation, spriting, and using data URLs.

Dynamic Connection Maximizer enables a browser to open more concurrent connections to the web site, increasing parallel data download and improving total page load speed.

Dynamic Landing Page Optimization deploys specific optimization techniques, such as resource in-lining for pages that a user initially lands on as they traverse through an application. Repeat views for landing pages are further optimized by recognizing when to in-line and when to leverage the browser cache. 

Payload Reduction reduces bandwidth utilization and improves page load speed by minimizing response and request payload. This treatment uses techniques such as intelligent compression, image compression for mobile users, minification, and the transparent removal and re-insertion of Viewstate data in ASP.NET pages (where applicable).

Rapid Rendering improves performance by optimizing when a browser starts rendering the page, as well as user-perception of page render time:

  • Deferred Script Loader speeds up page load times by delaying execution of non-critical scripts until the rest of the page has loaded and rendered on the browser.
  • Response Headstart enables the browser to start downloading page resources while the server generates the HTML page. This minimizes server wait time, dramatically decreases start-render time, and improves overall page speed.

Progressive Image Rendering gives users the perception of faster page load by loading a low-resolution version of an image first, then gradually loading the higher-resolution version.

Real End User Monitoring (RUM) passively gathers and records data about your web traffic and all interactions with your site.

SPDY Integration includes features such as Multiplexed Streaming (allowing for unlimited concurrent streams over a single TCP connection), Request Prioritization (the client can request as many items as it wants from the server, and assign a priority to each request), and Server-Initiated Streams (used to deliver content to the client without the client needing to ask for it).

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Who's using Site Optimizer? Speed Up Your Website's Page Load Times

At PETCO, providing pet parents with an efficient, convenient and enjoyable user experience when shopping us online is an important part of our customer commitment. We've been able to decrease the average page load time on PETCO.com by 5.5 seconds - a phenomenal improvement.. The Strangeloop Site Optimizer has obviously improved conversion and revenue for us. When you affect conversion by 9%, that is very significant on an annual basis..


Tech Specs - Site Optimizer - Speed Up Your Website's Page Load Times

This makes our Site Optimizer service an ideal solution if your organization needs to optimize web performance without relying on your development team or IT department for support. The Site Optimizer service gives you all the powerful performance benefits of our Site Optimizer appliance, but within the cloud. It can be implemented quickly – with literally one flip of a switch – and scaled rapidly. Want to dive into more technical detail.


Overview - Site Optimizer - Speed Up Your Website's Page Load Times

The Strangeloop Site Optimizer uses an advanced set of acceleration treatments to simplify and streamline your web pages in realtime, customizing them to meet the unique needs of every browser type. Site Optimizer also performs clever tasks -- such as tracking and predicting your visitors' behavior -- so that it can preload page elements, giving the illusion of instant page load.


Mobile Overview

Instead, it transforms your site, making it as fast as possible – without touching your servers, networks, or client browsers. Solutions designed to optimize sites for desktop users can slow down, or even break, sites for mobile users. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all web content optimization solution. User expectations have never been higher.


Web Performance Optimization Solutions - Strangeloop

Shopzilla became the poster child for web performance when it famously shaved almost 5 seconds from its page load times and increased revenue by 7-12%*. The company candidly reported that it had “taken its eye off the ball” and let page load times creep up to 5 seconds or more. Mobile users expect a site to load as fast on their phone as it does on their desktop.