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By: Spt  09-12-2011
Keywords: Mooring Masters

SPT Employees: Degreed in Excellence:

Our custom training program boosts our staff's skill level.

  • All mooring masters are full-time employees
  • Semi-annual check rides for all mooring masters
  • Human Factors training on crew resource management
  • Implementation of wire handling and inspection course
  • Mooring master recertification required every five years
  • Simulator training for all mooring masters
  • Simulator training for lightering support vessel masters and mates

SPT Equipment: A Higher Standard:

SPT upholds the highest equipment polices and testing.

  • Advanced helicopter policies
  • Cargo hoses tested every 6 months, instead of 12 months as required legally
  • Dye testing of nose cones
  • First to conduct destructive testing of fenders and hoses
  • First to have a fender age policy of 15 years
  • First to have a cargo hose age policy of 4 years
  • First to use an outside vendor on nautical charts that identify location of pipelines (recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for public service)
  • Use of aircraft tires for fender nets
  • Yellow high visibility tubes on fender ends

SPT Firsts:

SPT brings real leadership to the LNG market.

  • First cargo transfer involving containers
  • First cargo transfer involving trucks
  • First company to have a double hull tanker in lightering service (1992)
  • First four full-scale commercial LNG STS operations
  • First operator of a deepwater LNG port
  • Internal ship vetting department
  • Lightering 101 educational video provided to customer
  • Proving trials for STS between RoRo and submersible heavy lift vessel
  • Skaugen Scheduling Software

SPT Innovations: Raising the Bar for the Industry Standard:

Our bow thruster increases maneuverability and control.

  • Cargo loading station in wheelhouse
  • Double wall cargo hoses
  • Dry break coupling for high velocity cargo hoses
  • Enhanced loading rate
  • Enhanced maneuverability via thruster and high lift rudder
  • Toggle pins for unmooring

SPT Solutions:

Purpose designed Billy Pugh personnel transfer basket.

  • Enhanced de-ballasting capacity
  • Increased forward 100m wire diameter to 1 inch as a proactive measure
  • Larger diameter chain on fender nets
  • Mooring grommet
  • Purpose designed Billy Pugh personnel transfer basket
  • Purpose designed hose handling crane/rated for personnel transfer
  • Portable fairlead for securing secondary fenders
  • Use of mooring diagrams for use offshore by mooring masters
  • Fender davits

Interested in knowing the process behind lightering? V

Honorable Action Award
To the crew and management of Skaugen PetroTrans
In honor of the men and women of the waterborne companies and agencies in the Port of New York/New Jersey, who on September 11, 2001 at risk to their own lives, repeatedly sailed into harms way to evacuate and provide transportation for the survivors of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Presented by the United Seamen's Service, November 9th, 2001, New York, NY
US Coast Guard Award: Coast Guard Public Service Commendation Presented to Skaugen Petro Trans
Skaugen Petro Trans and member companies of the Industry Taskforce on Offshore Lightering (ITOL) Pipeline Chart Workgroup are awarded the United States Coast Guard Public Service Commendation for their commitment to maritime safety and environmental protection. This workgroup engaged in a multi-year project of creating navigational quality charts indicating location of subsea gas and oil pipelines in relation to lightering zones. ITOL member companies were concerned that it was only a matter of time before a vessel's anchor inadvertently struck a submerged pipeline, causing a major discharge of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
Workgroup members teamed up with Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the Coast Guard to develop solutions and initiated an extensive review of existing subsea pipeline data. In the interim, ITOL member companies independently, at their own expense, developed chartlets that displayed pipeline locations in each of the lightering zones using state of the art subsea pipeline locating techniques. This information was used to validate the revised MMS pipeline data.
In late 1998, MMS finished digitizing all pipeline locations in the Gulf. The ITOL Pipeline Chart Workgroup printed out these electronic depictions of pipeline locations onto sheets of Mylar that could be then overlayed onto navigational charts of the lightering zones. For the first time, vessel masters were able to use accurate, up-to-date charts showing pipeline locations, significantly reducing the risk of a major oil spill due to pipeline ruptures caused by anchoring. The ITOL Pipeline Chart Workgroup continued their outstanding work by partnering with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to create navigational charts which included pipeline locations, a move that would save each vessel several hundred dollars per chart. The significant dedication to maritime safety and environmental protection demonstrated by Skaugen Petro Trans in support of the ITOL Pipeline Chart Workgroup is in keeping with the highest traditions of public service.
Department of Transportation
United States Coast Guard
Public Service Commendation

In recognition of notable services which have assisted greatly in furthering the aims and functions of the Coast Guard, this certificate is awarded to Skaugen Petro Trans Executed the 4th day of August 2000 at Eighth Coast Guard District, New Orleans, Louisiana Paul J. Pluta Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard Commander, Eighth  Coast Guard District.

"While other companies claim to enjoy the best on time performance SPT provides our customers the reassurance of our performance by providing our numbers front and center. We stand on our record of providing quality service and dependable on time performance."

Keywords: Mooring Masters

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SPT Inc. - The leading marine transportation service company in the world - services

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