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By: Spend Locally  09-12-2011

I lived in the West End for a few years when I first moved into Vancouver proper, until just over a year ago. More specifically, I lived right across the alley from this fantastic little independent movie rental shop on Denman, called Independent Flixx.

Never before or again have I been so close to such an amazing selection of movies - they had it all. New releases, independent films, foreign films, GLBT movies, tons of classics (everything from Jackie Chan to Reality Bites, to Bond movies), and my favourite.. TONS of Canadian movies!

They had a whole shelf of Canadian films in fact, something I've never found anywhere else. It was the start and end of my Canadian film education. Stuff from Quebec, Atom Egoyan movies galore, new and old, funny and weird. Stuff you really couldn't find anywhere else.

They had great taste, and were part of what made living in the West End awesome.

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When I started working on the edge of Gastown in the early spring, I had noticed Nuba across the street--kinda hard to tell what was going on there from the outside, but my workmates insisted it was a good place. I've got a shwack of food allergies, and it is incredibly difficult for me to find any restaurants where I can eat more than just salad. I can hardly eat ANYWHERE.


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Back then, she was the project manager, and I was getting my feet wet in the world of web development. She spent tons of time working in the studio she used, and even taught some pottery classes. Nowadays, I'm working as a project manager, and she's making beautiful pottery. Even back when Melanie and I worked together, her true love was pottery. I met Melanie at my first big-girl job (outside of academia).