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By: Spectacular Ink  09-12-2011

It’s not all about you.

Social media allows for two-way communications with your target audience, so you can hear what they’re saying about you and join in the conversation. We help you learn to listen.
Spectacular Ink can assist you with a full-blown social media integration or a one time tactical social media campaign. We'll also work with you to review your goals and your message to determine the best social media strategy for you.

Our Social Media Marketing services include:

Strategy Analysis & Campaign Planning

Getting to know your social community, and creating a game plan to suit your goals

Network Set Up & Daily Management

We can work with you, or do the work for you

Create Content Daily

Post messages, images, and videos

Maximizing Brand Exposure

We find and engage key online influencers

Monitoring conversations daily

Listening and joining conversations that are relevant to your business

Metrics & Reporting

Using proven and emerging tools that measure social media effortsSocial Media Marketin

To find out more about our Social Media Marketing services, or receive a confidential quote, contact or call us at 866 773 2838 or 604 925 8187

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Too often strategic marketing decisions are made as a reaction to a particular situation and are not strategic at all and resulting in failure. In today’s world we have to think more strategically and make tactical marketing decisions to stay ahead of our competitors. Marketing is the cornerstone of your business and needs to get the right results. Spectacular Ink can help you achieve your strategic marketing goals.


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At Spectacular Ink we work with you to identify your communications goals, to raise your profile, and to help you to build the success of your business. Over the past 12 years Spectacular Ink has represented a wide range of clients that reflects the diversity of the tourism industry. In partnership with your team we craft our objectives and identify the most persuasive ways to communicate with your audiences.


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We have developed sound relationships with these effective distribution channels in North America, Europe and Australia to further enhance your marketing efforts. Spectacular Ink has the right connections to the offline and online travel trade that will bring you qualified business. Spectacular Ink can help you maximize your return on investment in the Travel Trade marketing and sales channel.


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By tapping into our understanding of the industry, and our experience in communicating to the right people at the right time, you'll be able to respond quickly to fluctuating market conditions. We keep our work in house so you'll always know who's working on your account. No industry is as sensitive to changing global patterns as tourism. Find out how we can work with you by contacting us at 773 2838 or.