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By: Spark Design  09-12-2011
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A great website has a great strategy behind it.

The web is a vast pool of possibility. But just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should. At SparkDesign, we match your goals with appropriate solutions. Your website can be your most valuable communications tool - but only if it is designed and implemented well. If you build it right, you will see results.

We don’t build them like they used to.

Gone are the days when your kid or your cousin could whip up an HTML website overnight that would get found in Google. We’ve been there and done that. The web has grown into a sophisticated and almost indescribable communications tool! Go pro – you WILL feel the difference.

Do it right.. the first time.

There are a LOT of options out there and it’s tough to know what’s what or who to trust. We have built more than 150 websites over the past 10 years and have dedicated a lot of research and development into knowing what works. We use best practices, we adhere to W3C coding standards and we only use reliable technology to give you the best chance of success with a website that is better equipped to keep up with changing times. We believe in building for the long term and we know that strategic site planning PLUS "semantically-correct" coding will give you the greatest foundation for current and future accessibility, good search engine rankings, easy and extensible maintenance and upgrades. Our sites use CSS layouts, make sensible use of java script, ajax, php, flash, and integrate the better 3rd party widgets to make a good user experience.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
We build 'em so YOU can publish!

For more than a decade, the Spark Design team has been specializing in "easy-to-use" Content Management Systems. It was just too frustrating for us - and for most web developers - to watch your websites go stale because of the cost or the skill required to keep them updated. We work with the best CMS to give you the power to publish! You can add, edit or delete content from your own website thru a password-protected web panel, without requiring you to have any special software or HTML knowledge. That means you can keep your site up-to-date without being dependent on web designers like us to make simple content updates for you. THAT's how your communications and marketing efforts become a huge success (..and we get to pat ourselves on the back for having a hand in it)!

What's a Content Management System (CMS) anyhow?

A CMS is essentially any “System” that allows you to “Manage your Content” and, therefore, update your own website. However, the “database-driven” CMS solutions that Spark Design offers are several steps above and beyond some of the more “static” or "techno-messy" CMS options out there.

YOU can edit your website thru a password-protected webpage and make the changes you want, when you want, from any computer you want. You can drive your content into your website template with options to control how your content functions – i.e. how it appears, how many places it appears, when it appears or expires automatically from your site, if it needs to be filtered or sorted by the user, etc.

WE can customize and configure each CMS a little differently, specific to your particular needs, budget and plans for future growth.

Essentially, what we offer gives YOU a user-friendly system with a lot more long-term “bang for your buck” than some of the other options. And it gives US us a lot more flexibility to provide you with what you really need.

Most importantly to you, it's easy!

Keywords: search engine

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