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By: Spark Design  09-12-2011

Let us help you understand your web hosting options.

With billions of websites created since the internet has been in existence, there is still one thing that has remained the same - web hosting.

Your website needs to be hosted on a web server in order to make it available on the internet. Hosting involves housing, serving and maintaining files so that visitors are able to view the content of the website and the hosting solution selected must be able to provide a fast, secure and reliable service.

Not all web hosting packages are the same. The package you may need depends on what kind of website you want to make. The size of your budget doesn’t matter though, because there are packages out there that everybody can afford.

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The “database-driven” CMS solutions that Spark Design offers are several steps above and beyond some of the more “static” or "techno-messy" CMS options out there. Our sites use CSS layouts, make sensible use of java script, ajax, php, flash, and integrate the better 3rd party widgets to make a good user experience.


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Get the right message out to the right audience, using the right tools and get them talking.