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SPACE-TECH Hi-End Audio Laboratory, Vacuum tube amplifier specialist , home of super Hi-end audio, tube tester, integrated amplifier, DAC, buffer, speaker, pre-amplifier, microprocessor design and engineering

We made super hi-end audio affordable

Since 1996

All products 100% professional custom hand made in Canada

ALL our products circuit designs are designed by our own and copyrighted

Our 2011 products are all new 'Mk II' designs with further enhancement in sonic performances

(Winter Holiday : 6 Nov to 16 Dec 2011)

Tube pre-amps

Push-pull Tube power amps

Single-ended Tube power amps

Hybrid Single-ended Power amps

Phono tube pre-amps

Active crossovers & ASX

Tube buffers for CD or DAC

Tube D/A converters & USB-DAC

Tube Headphone amps

CD players / CD transports

Bal X'formers/ Passive pre-amp

IR remote volume control / Passive pre-amplifier

Tube Integrated amps

All tube mic mixer pre-amps

Designer Series

with vary freq and power and LCD display $380/$580/$780/$980 only

Smart-Mon V1.0 / V1.1 multifunction display module with spectrum analyser $280 / $350 only

New designed RF remote volume controls available for any pre-amplifier / amplifier !! (from +C$300 only)

Ultimate 99 microstep non-solid-state, no contact point, remote volume control module with level display add C$480 only (module sell for $680 )

New high grade MC+MM phono stage option for any model add C$480 only

EASY TUBE Transconductance TESTERV1.2 C$880 only ! Fully automatic with LCD display for readings !!

All designs copyrighted 1996-2011 , all rights reserved

Showroom address : 2909 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5M 1E6

Tel : (604) 254-8133

Showroom hours : Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat 1:00pm-6:00pm Mon 3:00-6:00pm

Thur / Sun and all other hours by appointment only

(Winter Holiday : 6 Nov to 16 Dec 2011)


Audio and Electronics project design , prototype , components , CNC milling, robotics , automatic testing equipment

Custom-builds , Modifications, upgrades and servicing are welcome !!

Customers are invited to bring in your current system components for comparison or matching

*** Shipping options : we can ship our products to any part of the world via or UPS , local pickup welcome

*** Payment options:

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