Slate West - Brand Development

By: Slate West  09-12-2011


At Slate West we've had amazing opportunities to build a portfolio of many bold and exciting brands. Our clients have included shoe and clothing companies, progressive health centres and new-age gyms, concert and festival promoters, music venues, and a host of other dynamic organizations. We love working with startups where we have the distinct opportunity of linking with our clients and partners to etch, carve, smooth and polish brands that will ensure the best forms of visual integrity, market distinction and versatility for future applications.

We all have some extreme challenges right now managing the technology-driven world that surrounds us. We have to focus on protecting brand integrity now more than ever as our logos and images have to fight tooth-and-nail through the endless amount of visual data that bombards us and our customers on a daily basis. To do this, we have to use form and originality to create images that stand out and leave impressions through the visual clutter that exists everywhere. Its easy to get lost in this world but when you succeed at communicating everything you want to say to the people that matter most to, there is nothing more satisfying.

We're well equipped at Slate West to help translate your vision and your passion into reality. In fact, that's what we're passionate about. If you want to create and integrate and communicate we'd love to work with you.

Website Development

Understanding the value and the power of the internet is essential to taking care of business now and we are proud to say that we love the internet and everything it does and will do in the future. It is a murky subject, though, and with all the good there can be equal bad if you take the wrong approach. Its ever-evolving state requires that you implement creative, forward-looking solutions to ensure that you protect the time, energy and money you invest into internet-based creations.

Our views on developing for the internet:

  • Use open source technologies wherever possible to lessen cost, expand your choice of service providers and ensure optimal flexibility in your future.
  • If you use the internet properly, you will improve the communication between your employees, customers and gain huge operating efficiencies.
  • Because of its widespread use, people will now often judge organizations based solely on the way they present themselves on the web.
  • People are totally comfortable with purchasing small and large amounts online. In the 4th quarter of 2008, amidst the worst economic environment since the great depression, was the only major US retailer to report higher earnings than their previous Christmas season. Quite a feat for a company with no brick-and-mortar outlets.

Social Media Applications

You don't necessarily need much of a website at all; technologies like facebook, myspace and a host of other free online services are often more capable of achieving the most effective levels of communication for you.

Social media has become an integral piece of any campaign and socially-oriented organization. We focus on building social media strategy that integrates all the essential online pieces with those that lend themselves most effectively to your cause. Once developed and designed, we structure operational guides for your teams to follow so that you have full control. To support your social media program we will also help train your staff and connect you with service providers to ensure your media strategy success.