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By: Sirona Biochem  09-12-2011
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Carbohydrate-based molecules have broad application potential and are widely used in cosmetics.  A demand for new products that can make us look and feel younger is contributing to a booming anti-aging cosmetics industry.

Using our proprietary chemistry technology, it is our aim to develop safe and effective cosmetic ingredients that can be used in creams and other cosmetic applications.  Sirona Biochem is currently developing two types of cosmetic agents for depigmenting and anti-aging.

Skin Brightener – depigmenting agent

Sirona Biochem is developing a depigmenting agent that has potential to lighten and evenly tone skin.

Sirona Biochem has identified and is developing  molecules as ingredients for depigmentation or skin lightening.  We are currently conducting studies on our depigmentation compound with a goal to inhibit tyrosinase activity.

Sirona Biochem’s subsidiary company, TFChem, is located in a region of France that is home to the world’s most popular cosmetic companies.  Named Cosmetic Valley, this location is rich with expertise, research and training in the area of cosmetics.  We believe this will give us access to the best knowledge and information on cosmetic advances as well as help us understand market needs.  Access to this network will help Sirona Biochem focus on developing products where there is demand.

The global market for skin brighteners is rapidly growing, with Japan leading demand of this cosmetic segment.  An increased popularity for fairer skin has contributed to the fast-growing skin lightening market in China and India as well.  Sales of skin lightening products are estimated to reach $10 billion globally by 2015.  In Asia-Pacific alone, it’s estimated that the skin lightener market will exceed $2 billion by 2012.

Skin lightening products are a fast emerging market in North America and Europe as well.  Demand of skin lighteners has been mainly driven by a desire to reverse sun damage and for the appearance of younger looking skin.  In these regions, skin lighteners are used to minimize the appearance of sun spots and freckles.

Anti-aging cosmetic ingredients

Sirona Biochem is developing anti-aging cosmetic agents that can be used to maintain and improve skin vitality.

Sirona Biochem is currently developing molecules that we believe can maintain the viability of adult skin’s fibroblasts and protect skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation.  In the coming months, Sirona Biochem expects the first skin fibroblast preservation compounds to be evaluated by partners.

The global anti-aging cosmetic market was estimated at $64.4 billion in 2009 and is expected to grow to $105.4 billion in 2013, a combined annual growth rate of 10.4%.  According to the National Consumers League, 90 million Americans use anti-aging products.  Baby boomers’ desire for a youthful appearance is driving demand for anti-aging products.  In addition, increased awareness of the effects of sun exposure has shifted attitudes of younger adults to protect their skin.  This trend is contributing to the growth of the anti-aging cosmetics market.

There are several brands of anti-aging products to reduce wrinkles, blemishes, discoloration and sagging.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Cosmetics

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