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By: Singshout  09-12-2011
Keywords: Animation, Virtual Tours, 2d Animation

Animation is more than just an entertainment. Its audiences also are not limited to children. It has a great value to businesses. If picture is more than a thousand words, how much or how deep a well done animation clip can tell your target customers about your product & service, or business?

2D Animation
A great tool to deliver intangible message, such as a philosophy or mission statement to the audiences. Most of our clients use 2D Animation to express the meaning of their logos or carry out the mission statement. Depending on the situation, sometimes it is also an ideal medium for product knowledge training.3D Animation
If have an innovative product or service that is hard to explain, 3D animation will be your best partner. The 3D models and animations we make are virtually real, taking your potential clients to strategic angles the human eye cannot see or places they cannot physically go. The virtual product can be up to 99% close to the real product.Virtual Building
Imagine selling your project to potential buyers without the limit of time, space, and distance. When they take virtual tours via the Internet or demo DVD, the confidence builds up. We can pre build your project according to its blue prints and design illustrations in a 3D virtual environment. Join forces with our unique interactive promotional video techniques to produce a stunning virtual tour and showroom. Some of our clients were even benefited by avoiding design mistakes because our practices in virtual world helped to diagnostic the flaws.eCoperate Training
We can help a corporation train their employees around the world uniformly and track the result precisely. We first transfer the training materials into digital format. Video clips, audio clips, animation, visual effect, even interactive functionalities can be added if necessary. Quiz and Q&A sections can also be added. A tracking system then will be added if required. The score and other analytic data can be sent back to HR deportment at last.

Keywords: 2d Animation, Animation, Virtual Tours

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From logos to letterhead, marketing collateral to trade show presentations, we can help you create the image to suit your vision, style and objectives. A strong corporate identity can provide even the smallest business with the credible and professional image it needs in the marketplace. Our Corporate Identity System offers you a choice of three packages. Building a strong brand isn't only the big corporations’ privilege.


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During the design process, we always try to wear the reader’s shoes, the one who is going to receive the print media, the real end user. We always consider the best combination of colour, illustration style, photos, and reading flow. Extra drafting will always be made to see if we can take the design to a higher level.


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This newly established career and money coaching service provider needed a Corporate Identity System that appears to the young adults market. Our designers cleverly combined M, the first letter of momentum, and G, the first letter of Growth to a symbol that looks like an OK gesture. Our design team then used the energetic orange as the corporate colour.Result:The finished name card is printed on double sided.


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Virginia Key Beach Park was established in 1945 and was the premier beach in Miami, Florida for African Americans during the civil rights era. A group of concerned citizens formed the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust to recognize the history and legacy of the site. The new strategic branding has been received by all stakeholders with resounding delight.


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SingShout Image’s powerful and compelling Interactive Promotional Videos let the audiences interactive with the messages that you want to tell. However, in this era, consumers don’t like to stay in a passive position anymore. Traditional promotion video is good for delivering one way communication.