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By: Silverpath Technologies  09-12-2011
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Software testing is not an event, but a set of diverse activities capable of playing a critical role in identifying problems of varied types throughout the project lifecycle, far in advance of end-user access to the delivered system.

We work with each customer to tailor a solution that meets your individual needs and ensures the optimal return on your investment in the quality of your software systems and teams.

Test Outsourcing

Customers have many reasons to choose to outsource some portion or all of their testing activities. Common examples include the need to reduce costs, to offload repetitive or more junior work from the in-house team, to optimize and specialize the in-house team but still execute all necessary testing activities, to gain access to skilled professionals to undertake specific and perhaps risky responsibilities in parallel with core efforts, and to gain access to additional infrastructure and staff without increasing fixed costs.

Silverpath provides outsourcing of testing activities meeting all of the above needs, but also:

  • Providing our customers the capability for that often critical objective 3rd party look (IV&V) at a software system
  • Providing our customers the ability to return to us again and again and leverage retained domain knowledge and documented re-usable processes, procedures, and scripts already tailored to their needs
  • Fundamentally operating as an on-demand extension to our customers' in-house teams

Silverpath enables our customers to conduct the right testing at the right time for their projects.

Staff Augmentation

Organizations are often challenged to be able to ramp-up staff during project peaks and ramp-down between projects. Additionally, organizations find themselves paying high prices for staff that is utilized for junior activities the majority of the time just to preserve the capability to execute important senior tasks once in a while - and perhaps not even on the current project.

Silverpath Technologies assists our customers to minimize their staffing costs while maximizing the accessibility of expertise and technical skill sets by supplying a flexible pool of talent that can be adjusted to their current needs.

Leveraging this solution, customers are able to create a core in-house team that preserves domain knowledge and critical expertise while avoiding unnecessary fixed costs related to training and maintenance of full-time staff that are only needed some of the time during a given period of time. Furthermore, customers have ability to interchange resources that are specialized in particular skills or domains to take on a specific responsibility or challenge as needs change on a project.

Silverpath enables our customers to deploy the right skills at the right time for their projects.

* Combining the ability to augment your in-house staff with the ability to integrate additional capability off-site through outsourcing provides a very powerful and cost effective solution for projects in need of a closely integrated team and also the ability to scale rapidly when needed.

Keywords: Software Systems

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Silverpath Technologies Inc. -- Thinking Through Testing

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