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By: Silverpath Technologies  09-12-2011

Large or small, each process improvement made has the potential for a dramatic impact on your organization's efficiency and product quality. Each step takes you forward on the path to raise your quality-bar and reduce costs on unplanned rework, post-release defect management, and related support costs.

Silverpath works with you to apply improvements to optimize your project processes while minimizing the Total Cost of Quality.

Project Start-up & Management

Silverpath participates in all aspects of project start-up and monitoring by engaging in strategy planning, effort estimation, scheduling, resource gap analysis, risk identification, release planning, environment configuration, and definition of process fundamentals emphasizing efficiency and communication visibility.

Once the project is up and running, Silverpath continues to provide value through project test management, project health metrics tracking and progress reporting, project artifacts and process compliance auditing, and risk identification and mitigation tracking activities.

Silverpath establishes the foundation for successful test projects by getting involved early, collating critical information, and making practical recommendations for implementation in the following areas:

  • Effort Estimates, Resourcing and Scheduling
  • Risk Management and Communication
  • Requirements and Traceability
  • Delivery Planning and Designing for Testability
  • Change Management and Issue Tracking
  • Configuration Management
  • Reporting and Metrics

Silverpath enables customers to place a focus on their product's quality, stability and maintainability while ensuring a business-driven balance between risks and cost management.

Test Methodology & Process Improvements

Silverpath designs and manages the implementation plans for process improvements and test methodology roll-outs. "Funding" next steps with the return on investment (ROI) from the previous set of improvements, Silverpath minimizes the up-front investment required by the customer organization while immediately improving output in a continuous, easy-to-manage manner.

Test Methodology Implementations: Many organizations face the challenge of a word-of-mouth approach to projects or a collection of disparate approaches embodied in individual project team managers. Silverpath can capture the existing best practices within the organization, incorporate industry practices that fit the needs of the customer's unique business environment, and standardize them across the project teams and various stakeholder groups. Typical goals/results include:

  • Initiating QA and Test activities early and throughout the project lifecycle
  • Implementing standardized test and defect management processes
  • Ingraining a practice of producing reusable test artifacts to accelerate future efforts
  • Driving continuing improvements by analysis of metrics data

The set of recommendations is organized into the groups of "quick wins", near-term, long-term and capital investment improvements and mapped across the applicable areas of the customer's organization and software development lifecycle. The phased approach in which these recommendations will be implemented, and the details on how to accomplish each, will be described in the process improvement roadmap.

Organizational & Project Reviews

Software testing is not an event, but a set of diverse activities capable of playing a critical role in identifying problems of varied types throughout the project lifecycle, far in advance of end-user access to the delivered system. To help you implement and improve your quality processes, the experienced consultants at Silverpath can conduct a thorough Quality Review.

Silverpath's Quality Review focuses on examining quality assurance and testing practices. Risk management, configuration management, and software requirements analysis and management are also reviewed at the macro-level for potential improvement opportunities that will directly impact testing or the quality of the delivered end-product. This review includes investigating project and organizational workflows, reporting observations, and making specific recommendations to overcome current challenges and achieve long term improvement goals.

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Silverpath Technologies Inc. -- Thinking Through Testing

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