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By: Sharkbite  09-12-2011
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What do you want your website to do?

How will your web design match your needs, drive sales or target your audience? Sharkbite offers flexible web design options and comes in a range of pricing to match any budget. Every site design is built upon a self-managed structure to allow unlimited and easy updates to web content.

Feel free to fill out the Sharkbite Website Q+A Form below; It only takes a few minutes, and can often lead to a wealth of understanding about what your brand means to you.

Website design services:

  • Strategic planning: site maps, wireframes, navigation, page layout + content organization
  • Design¬†+ create the look of your website with the approved strategy
  • Programming your website for a suitable content management system (CMS) such as Vortex or Wordpress
  • Social media integration (Facebook + Twitter feeds, YouTube, Flickr)
  • Browser-testing your website to ensure it is consistent across multiple platforms (ie. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)
  • Search engine optimization, submission¬†+ assistance with marketing your website online
  • Training so you can easily manage your new website

Choose from any one of these three options:

1. Stock Website - Wordpress Template

Does your site have simple needs?.. Information pages, blog articles, photo & video galleries, contact forms? If custom design + layout is not crucial, you can draw from a wide variety of high quality site templates and get the best value in a high quality website. We provide the content formatting, and you populate the site with content.

Pricing begins as low as $995 for brochure sites

2. Custom Website - Wordpress Template

Most businesses can benefit from the time and cost saving of choosing a stock template, but your web design needs might require a more unique design to match specific branding needs or design aesthetics. Incorporating the same features as indicated above, Sharkbite can custom design a website and build it into the powerful structure of Wordpress. We provide the content formatting, and you populate the site with content.

Pricing begins as low as $1995 for brochure sites

3. Custom Website - Vortex Template

Vortex websites are the absolute best option for those demanding a high-performance web presence and provide businesses with the easiest, most powerful tools to manage the growth and management of their online assets. We provide content formatting and will populate your site with content you provide.

Pricing begins as low as $2995 for brochure sites

4. Mobile Website Development

Browsing on a smart phone places a greater demand on the design strategy for today's websites; sites must be designed for maximum scalability.

This demand has greatly influenced conventional site design resulting in large button navigation, clean layouts and simple, concise copy. But even with these considerations in place, sometimes the best option is to simply create a mobile version that makes small screen browsing a snap.

Sharkbite can design and build a mobile version of your website which scales your information down to fit smaller screens and will display automatically when people access your site on their mobile phone.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Web Design, Website Design

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