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By: Shaky Egg  09-12-2011
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Shaky Egg Communications is a full service consultancy firm specializing in partnerships, promotions and business development.  Over the past 15 years Shaky Egg has successfully helped clients to plan and execute their business strategies and achieve revenue goals.

Shaky Egg clients include:

  • National Brands
  • Technology Companies
  • Digital Start-ups
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media companies
  • Aggressive Entrepreneurs

The Shaky Egg approach to business is energetic and sometimes quite unique. A dedicated commitment to
and process empowers the development of all planning and execution on behalf of our clients.


Partnerships are a critical component to growing any size business.  A well negotiated partnership can effectively:

  • Enhance Value
  • Create Equity
  • Generate Opportunity
  • Drive Revenue

Identifying the right partnerships to tackle and how to reach out and negotiate the best deal is a Shaky Egg specialty. We understand how to leverage your key assets to attract valuable partners.

Whether you are a national brand seeking a partnership with a major entertainment property or a technology start-up looking to secure a bed rock deal, Shaky Egg can deliver.


We don’t need to tell you promotions can effectively drive business.  Even the local dry cleaner on the corner knows that.  However, not all promotions are made equal and certainly many more never move the needle.  Consumers are beginning to tune out.

Shaky Egg has created and executed successful consumer promotions at the regional, national, and international level.  Our approach is to:

  • Encourage consumer ownership in the promotion
  • Incentivize sharing through social graphs
  • Include joint-promotion partners to contribute: IP, media exposure, prizing
  • Leverage retail channels through customizations
  • Use the web, rich media and social tools to build community

Marketers must always seek to build better programs to more deeply connect with target consumers.  Shaky Egg can help!


Shaky Egg has extensive experience in Business Development for digital start-ups and technology companies.  We have deep knowledge working with:

  • SaaS Platforms
  • Online Video Providers
  • Online Video Monetization Solutions
  • Ad Networks
  • Web Publishers

Typically, we prefer to work with digital start-ups who are emerging from alpha stage into beta, both with their technology and business model.  Here Shaky Egg’s expertise and contacts are of the most help.  Most companies create their technology and revenue models inside a box.  Shaky Egg immediately zeros in on “go-to-market” challenges with your product and pricing strategy.  We help define and focus:

  • Product need: target market, potential partners, investors
  • Revenue channels: licensing, freemium, subscription, advertising (CPM, CPC, CPA)
  • Position to scalability

Shaky Egg’s expertise in the development of online advertising and licensing models, plus our ability to bring back critical insights gained from outreach to key industry contacts, allows Shaky Egg clients to tweak their product features and revenue model to best take advantage of immediate opportunities and to revise long-term goals.  Shaky Egg is your partner in this process!


To borrow the old Hollywood term, we “Package” your product.  We create compelling one-sheets and sales decks which quickly outlines the opportunity for the prospect and delivers a winning argument to SAY YES!

We package your company’s: brand, product, value proposition and intellectual property into collateral to drive:

  • Sales
  • Partnerships
  • Joint-promotions
  • Sponsorships
  • Brand Integrations

The Shaky Egg design team creates the title pages, graphics and backgrounds.  While our Sr. Business Development staff works with you to define the “RTB”.  Then we write the deck copy highlighting: problem/solution, product overviews, case studies and value matrix.  We have produced well over 150 decks in the past 15 years and every Shaky Egg client is a winner from our expertise.


The art of the pitch!  It’s a skill not easily learned and harder to master.  No matter the location, how important the prospect or how big the egos, Shaky Egg always owns the room.  There is a style, a presence and a confidence in experience and knowledge which perennially shines through for all born salesmen.  From LA to New York, London to Paris Shaky Egg has been there and will be there for you.

We represent our clients with an aggressive zeal, which is tempered when needed but mostly unleashed.  Our contacts run deep and we are not afraid to break down doors on your behalf.


Shaky Egg understands content!  We know content is king because we have been producing it for years.  Our team of veteran content producers can tackle any project from broadcast television and online video production to web site design and development.

Yes we know this is not a “P”.  However, we would be remiss in not mentioning our team has tremendous experience in business affairs.  Shaky Egg has a contract database containing over 100 agreements written on behalf of our clients and partners.  We can handle drafting the following documents:

  • Master Services Agreements
  • Platform Licensing Agreements (SaaS)
  • Joint-Promotion Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Independent Sales Rep Agreements
  • Terms & Conditions (web)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sponsorship Agreements

Keywords: business strategies, Consultancy Firm, Online Video, Promotions, Shaky Egg