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By: Seriously Free Speech  09-12-2011

March 25, 2011

To President Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian National Authority

Dear Mr. President:


I am writing on behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee, a committee based in Vancouver, Canada that is mandated to defend free and open debate on the question of Israel/Palestine at a time when there is a considerable effort by pro-Israeli forces, both in Canada and internationally, to suppress this discussion. Our committee also defends those who have been harassed or threatened by supporters of Israel.

The Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism (ICCA) is of particular concern to our committee. This international group of pro-Israeli Parliamentarians (lobbyists) is attempting to broaden the traditional definition of anti-semitism to include criticism of Israel, and thereby create a political environment that suppresses the full story of events on the ground. At a recent conference in Ottawa, in November 2010, the ICCA passed the “Ottawa Protocol” which includes this broad new definition, and invites international agencies, parliaments, educational institutions and other organizations to adopt it as well.

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Tonight, members of the Intifada Association (Greek Association for Solidarity with the Palestinian People), supported by other solidarity activists, staged a peaceful protest raising the Palestinian flag during the first public speech of the Ambassador of the Israeli Apartheid in Greece, Arye Mekel. Many Greek parliamentarians attended the conference.


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In his October 10 column he found something insidious about an article Adbusters ran seven years ago pointing out that 50 percent of the prominent neocons surrounding the Bush administration were Jewish. October 3 letter from Adbusters Kalle Lasn to the editor of the New York Times. Mr. Brooks said: “Jews are a famously accomplished group. Why the double standard, Mr. Brooks.


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My intention in writing this is not to refute point-by-point Mr. Mandelbaum’s claims, but to place his accusations within the context of a broader campaign to discredit and silence critics of the actions of the state of Israel. A few days later, a letter appeared in The Journal, authored by Joseph Mandelbaum, in which he accused the department of “complicity in the spread of misinformation,” and, by implication, of legitimizing anti-semitism.


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Simultaneously they provided an electronic posting of the student essay titled “Democracy and Freedom”, focusing on the Middle East, which was prepared for and submitted to the student school newspaper “South Source”. We are therefore bringing our concerns to the Burnaby Board of Education.The SFSC is specifically concerned with the democratic right of freedom of expression on matters related to Middle East issues.