TUSH TM from Serf To Surf

By: Serf To Surf  10-12-2010
Keywords: Diaper Rash Relief, Babies Skin Care, Diaper Rash Ointment,

TUSH™ is a handmade skin balm especially blended for tender
young buns! It prevents and treats diaper rash, soothes sensitive
skin, and keeps your baby comfortable and happy! It was created by
nurses and parents who know how important a baby's well-being
is to new parents!

We use organic hempseed oil as the foundation of our formula.
Omega-3 and omega-6 oils are helpful in improving skin health,
including inflammatory conditions and are easily assimilated so
all of the goodness of TUSH™ will be quickly absorbed by the body,
preventing moist, sticky buildup. After all, dry, smooth, and chemical-free
healing is what babies really need.

TUSH™ is also great for moms because it helps moisturize,
heal, and strengthen delicate skin. TUSH™ contains apricot
kernel and jojoba oils and vitamin E, all of which are known to
aid in the treatment of stretch marks. TUSH ™ has no additives,
so you can use it as an all-over balm for smooth, wrinkle-free,
and glowingly healthy skin you can feel good about.

And don't forget about Dad! TUSH™ is great for daily razor rash,
chapped hands and face, dry, itchy scalp and shaved
(or naturally bald!) head tenderness! Organic Hempseed oil is the
best skin product available. It contains the same fatty acid content
as the human body, which means it's quickly absorbed by your body, not like petroleum based cosmetics which are actually repelled by your skin. Every emollient we blend into TUSH™ is known for its replenishing and healing qualities. Both shea nut butter and organic hempseed oil are natural sunblocks with an approx. SPF6.

Keywords: Babies Skin Care, Diaper Rash Ointment, Diaper Rash Relief,