PUSE TM from Serf To Surf

By: Serf To Surf  10-12-2010
Keywords: Natural Products, Holistic Skin Care, Aromatherapy Body Lotion

PULSETM essential oil balm is packed with skin replenishing nutrients and is scented with carefully
blended natural essential oils. The essential oils are selected for their
 ability to increase circulation throughout the body and calm tired

PULSE is especially useful as a circulation enhancer for ankles
and calves during long flights or extended stationary sitting.

An exceptional way to soothe tired and achy muscles, feet and
your entire body. Simply massage it into your skin and release
the oils which will calm both body and mind.

Superior moisturizing repairs dry skin leaving entire body feeling
soft and relaxed.

Keywords: Aromatherapy Body Lotion, Holistic Skin Care, Natural Products,