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By: Serebra  09-12-2011
Keywords: professional development, Learning Management

As your organization continues to expand and evolve, Serebra offers a range of services to help solve your professional development and training needs. Our services help you save time and money, while allowing you to focus your energy on growing your business.

We provide end-to-end technical consulting services to help you identify the learning challenges in your organization, design a solution that fits your business requirements, streamline implementation of our learning management system, train your staff on how to maximize online learning, and continue to improve the learning process through regular feedback and maintenance.

Needs analysis & system design

Serebra works closely with all of our clients to analyze their needs and determine the business requirements that a proposed learning solution would fulfill. Together with the training coordinator of an organization, we help design a specific curriculum for each department and select the appropriate courses from our extensive courseware library. Also, we look at existing platforms that a client currently uses and plan for any required data authentication and integration in our system design.

Project management & implementation

Serebra takes a hands-on project management approach to ensure proper, on-time delivery of each client's site. Our design team works with you to customize the logo, branding, and colors of your site. At the same time, our development team helps you publish the courseware curriculum and setup the learning management system with the proper departments and groups of users.

Deployment, training & change management

After a site has been launched, Serebra works closely with the training coordinator to ensure that administrators and site managers understand how to use the different functions and features of the learning management system. Client training can be conducted via webinar or instructor-led training. In addition, we help formulate strategies and methodologies to effectively deploy the learning management system so that it becomes a permanent solution and entrenched part of the learning culture.

Ongoing support & maintenance

Serebra provides ongoing client support and regular software upgrades and maintenance to ensure that the learning management system is operational as designed. We strongly value client feedback and, in conjunction with our systems analysis, make sure we are continually improving process and providing support.

Custom development & systems integration

As part of our commitment to innovation and ongoing improvement of our learning management system, Serebra has a well-defined product roadmap that outlines regular software releases of new features and enhancements. We understand that some of our clients may be partial to certain elements of an existing platform they are currently using or have custom features that they would like us to build. Serebra can help you design and develop a customized solution with enhanced features that tailor our learning management system to your organization's specific needs and technical requirements. Our core technology platform continues to evolve and our flexibility allows us to help you build custom features that integrate with what you already have. Please contact us for more information regarding custom development pricing.

Keywords: Learning Management, professional development

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easyLearning - Serebra's employability skills program

Offering the same courses provided to corporate clients in North America, easyLearning offers simple delivery methods, drastically reduced costs, and courseware that has been optimized for low speed internet connections. We believe education should be accessible to all - to make that possible, we work with organizations in the developing world and charities in North America to find affordable solutions to delivering online education.


Serebra Connect online marketplace platform

Built on a multi-layered platform, Serebra Connect uses an auction-style online bidding process to match service providers with consumers and determine final contract pricing. Serebra Connect is a professional service exchange system that connects service providers and consumers through an online marketplace platform for projects and tasks.


Serebra Campus, a learning management and e-learning delivery system

Organizations that invest in training and development programs are not only more flexible and responsive to change, but also benefit from increased productivity and an expanded knowledge base. Serebra Campus is a versatile, web-based learning management system that enables organizations of any type or size to deliver and track professional training and development programs.