Serebra Connect online marketplace platform

By: Serebra  09-12-2011

Serebra Connect is a professional service exchange system that connects service providers and consumers through an online marketplace platform for projects and tasks.

Built on a multi-layered platform, Serebra Connect uses an auction-style online bidding process to match service providers with consumers and determine final contract pricing. The system allows users to track overall progress and project deliverables using collaborative workspace tools, provides complete end-to-end payment transaction processing and arbitration system to resolve disputes, and uses a feedback rating system to rank performance of service providers and consumers on completed projects.

The technology behind Serebra Connect allows any organization or business to create their own marketplace for services where professionals can sell their services and consumers can bid on them. Serebra is one of the only software solution providers that has a ready-built, auction-style marketplace platform that can be easily integrated to fit your needs.

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After a site has been launched, Serebra works closely with the training coordinator to ensure that administrators and site managers understand how to use the different functions and features of the learning management system. We understand that some of our clients may be partial to certain elements of an existing platform they are currently using or have custom features that they would like us to build.


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