By: Sentient Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Software Project Review

Application Development

The team at Sentient Consulting has been developing quality software applications for more than two years.  Our curricula vitae includes the following types of applications:

  • Transaction based real-time systems;

  • Data Warehouses;

  • Decision Support Systems;

  • Project Management applications;

  • Reporting solutions.

These applications have been implemented using predominantly three tier architecture in order to support future scalability and ease of maintenance.  Implementation environments have ranged from traditional client-server based systems to handheld and web based systems for federal and municipal governments and private industry.

Software Development

In addition to building applications that are based on existing database software products, Sentient Consulting been providing software development services to companies requiring the development of software controls.  Utilizing an Object Oriented approach to development, Sentient Consulting will develop fully documented, open source software controls according to client specifications.

Process Improvement and Application Design

Implementing new software systems is often driven by a company's need to introduce new efficiencies into their operations.  The level of efficiency attained is the result of the Process Analysis and Application Design.  Sentient Consulting will assist your organization in these areas for projects ranging from internal efforts to third party mid-size (up to 500k lines of code) projects. 

Project Audit

With the high cost of systems development from both a monetary and organizational point of view, the value of a software project review by an objective third party cannot be underestimated.  Sentient Consulting will act as that knowledgeable third party to provide you with a comprehensive review of your software project(s).  We will check to ensure the following:

adequate system and user documentation are being created;

project progress is as reported;

a suitable application architecture has been chosen;

a sound verification and validation strategy exists;

that generally accepted coding practices are being followed.

Keywords: Project Management, Software Project Review