Business Cards and Visitor Tag Stickers

By:  09-12-2011
Keywords: school, Logo Design, Business Cards

Numerous schools look to SchoolWorks for the crisp, professional quality of our business cards and visitor tags.


  • Printed on a premium quality 80 lb. card stock
  • Standard business card size: 3.5” x 2” (9cm. x 5cm.)
  • Can also be used as visitor tags in your school
  • We can print several names at once


  • Convey the distinctive and professional attitude of your school with business cards bearing your logo
  • Reinforce alliances and establish contact with clients, colleagues, and other concerned members of the school community.


  • Printing: $0.17-$0.98 each depending on quantity and number of colours
  • Set-up: $50 - $60 depending on quantity and number of colours. Not applicable to re-orders. Logo design or re-draw not included.
  • Custom colours and specialty papers cost extra

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Keywords: Business Cards, Logo Design, school

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