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By: Sayer & Associates  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership, career planning, Corporate Culture

  • Assessment
  • Career Planning
  • Coaching
  • Counselling

Functional knowledge and skills are important early in a career but are not sufficient to be truly successful in leading and motivating others. A practical explanation of the "intuition" practiced by great leaders, is that they understand the psychology of individuals (including themselves) and of leading large teams. They integrate this knowledge into their daily decision-making and behaviour in a seamless manner that belies the complexity of such a task. Dr. Sayer has the credentials – but more importantly – the pragmatism earned through many years of experience to assess and teach these leadership skills in a manner that is insightful yet practical. The major options in this area are:

  • 360º Reviews
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Learning and Facilitation

Retention and productivity of employees have serious bottom line consequences for any organization. Employee surveys can uncover the primary reasons for turnover, unrest, and general malaise or low productivity. However, the surveys have to be planned and written well in order to produce information that can be used effectively. The major options in this area are:

  • Employee Satisfaction or Climate Surveys
  • Corporate Culture and Values Surveys
  • Exit Interviews and Surveys

Dr. Sayer is an acknowledged expert in the assessment and development of individuals and groups for career development, renewal and management. An effective model of creative career assessment and planning has been developed from over 20 years of study, research and practice in career and job satisfaction. The major options in this area are:

  • Individual assessment and counselling
  • Career Planning sessions for employee groups
  • Career Transition and Relocation

Organizational Development is concerned with helping organizations understand and manage the changes needed to become increasingly more effective in terms of selection, development and management of employees. Sayer & Associates helps clients to understand, and stay ahead of, changes in people’s engagement in their work. This involves understanding the impact of demographics, generational viewpoints and shifts in human outlook due to political and economic factors. The major options in this area are:

  • Facilitation of strategic planning and change management sessions
  • Identification and effective use of Core Competencies or Behavior Profiling
  • Evaluation and development of selection, promotion and development systems

Corporate Culture is the sometimes invisible yet effective system of communicating expected behaviour of employees or "How we do things around here". It is important to read corporate culture and determine the causes of both positive and limiting mindsets in employee groups before and during planned changes. Many mergers and acquisitions have failed because due diligence has not included an evaluation of culture and plans to be proactive in integrating these cultures. The major options in this area are:

  • Corporate Culture Assessment
  • Design and Facilitation of Culture Change workshops

Keywords: career planning, Corporate Culture, leadership

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