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By: Sassona Baron  09-12-2011
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Living with cancer creates uncertainty…

When you are diagnosed with cancer, your life changes drastically. Your may have  unresolved questions: What does it mean? Will I live?  Where do I go from here?  What about my job, my kids, my family, my pets?  Who will take care of them?  Who will take care of me?

As your distress increases, you may feel the loss of your ‘normal’ life. In the words of Sandra Steingraber “A cancer diagnosis has the power to change your identity. It sends you into an unfamiliar country where the rules are alien.” You may struggle to hold on to hope and normalcy as you try to make sense of this new reality.

Find comfort in knowing you can transcend the uncertainties…

You don’t need to continue feeling the insecurity, and you don’t have to deal with this alone. I can help you:

  • Find relief, so that you have more energy
  • Find inner peace, so your days are brighter
  • Have clarity around your decisions, so you are calm
  • Find hope and healing, so that you feel lighter and smile more
  • Stop worrying, so you can relax and sleep better

Through our work, clients often report feeling uplifted and energized. They feel stronger, calmer and lighter.

My passion is helping you deal with your individual challenges…

With my specialty in cancer counselling and my research-based counselling approaches, I address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  When one is diagnosed with cancer, he or she commonly feels fear, insecurity or anger.  These painful emotions cause stress. Constant stress compromises the immune system, which one needs to fight the illness.  Through therapy, I help you release difficult emotions and stress, so your body has a fair chance to do what it’s designed to do: overcome the disease.

With a deep sense of passion and conviction for my work, I work with you to lessen your emotional burdens. I help you find the peace that allows you to heal.  I see you not as your disease, but as a unique person who has strengths and resources to aid in your healing.  I provide a space where you and your thoughts, feelings and actions are listened to seriously and are not judged.  A space for compassion and stillness.

Keywords: Cancer

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