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By: Sassona Baron  09-12-2011
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Loss can be heart breaking…

Are you feeling deep sadness? Are you feeling numb, anxious, or overwhelmed by the smallest things? Are you having a hard time focusing?  Whatever you are feeling, whether it’s one or all of the above, it is a natural reaction to loss. There is no right way to grieve a loss, and there are no rules about how long it should take. Grieving is personal to you, and it’s different for each of us. The grieving process takes time, and healing usually happens gradually. The feelings may come and go depending on the severity of your loss, what you are doing or what triggers the feelings. As you live with grief, possibly for years, it helps enormously to be emotionally complete with your loss. It is never too late to experience emotional completion.

Reawaken your passion and zest through counselling and therapy…

You don’t have to keep your painful  emotions inside. I am here to listen to your story and help you with your recovery. Recovering from grief doesn’t mean forgetting, but it means finding a way to be emotionally complete with your loss.

As your grief counsellor:

  • I support you process your intense emotions, so you feel lighter and smile more.
  • I help you overcome your pain, so you can begin to live a full life again.
  • I help you accept your loss, so you can adjust to life after it.
  • I help you cope with the changes in yourself and in your world, so you enjoy things again.

Often clients tell me they sleep better after working with me in grief counselling. They tell me they wake up in the morning feeling more energized than they have felt in a long time. Other people too, such as friends or colleagues notice the change in my clients and comment on how different they seem.

I am deeply committed to help you in your grief…

It is devastating to lose someone dear to your heart. I know from working with many people who lost a loved one, that grief is individual. Our society tends to teach us from a young age that we ‘need to move on’, that ‘time heals everything’, or that we need ’to pull ourselves together’.  All of these teachings interfere with our natural grieving process. They give the impression that grief is the same for everyone, and therefore such ‘formulas’ could work. But they don’t because your experience is uniquely yours, and only you know how you feel and the depth of your feelings.

Counseling and therapy are most helpful in assisting you to feel emotionally complete with your loss. Holding grief inside and trying to move on doesn’t resolve it. Waiting for time to heal the grief doesn’t work either. You need professional, objective help to assist you in processing all your emotions from before the loss and after it. With deep compassion and expertise, I am here to listen to you, support you, and facilitate your healing.

Keywords: grief

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