By: Salishancatering  09-12-2011
Keywords: platters

Serving it right in the tradition of the Salishan people and First Nation cultures, we offer you several serving styles to choose from to make your occasion memorable.

- Potlatch Platter - menu selections are presented on platters with our staff serving each guest at the table.

- Family Feast - you’re made to feel right at home.  Platters are set in the center of the table enabling each guest to help themselves while our staff ensures platters are kept replenished.

- Buffet - all selections are attractively displayed in a collection of north coast serving plates on tables where guests serve themselves.  We set out Menu Cards identifying ingredients so guests with food allergies can select items that suit their palette.

- Full Service - ideal for formal occasions.  We serve your menu selections to each guest while they enjoy the event from their seats.

Keywords: platters