Books and African Gospel Art

By: S O C I A L T H E O L O G Y  02-02-2011
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BOOKS--A series of 8 volumes with a total of 2700+ pages about Christian-Muslim Relations in Nigeria. Vol.1 describes 15 bloody religious riots.  Vols 2-7 consist of 3 couplets, with vols. 2, 4 and 6 giving the Muslim perspective and vols. 3, 5and 7 the Nigerian Christian perspective.  Vol. 8 builds on all Christians and Muslims have said in previous vols and provides new parameters within which peace can possibly be found.  The questions of the nature of religion and of worldviews play dominant roles in the discussion.  The proposed parameters are wholistic religion, democracy and political pluralism.  

AFRICAN GOSPEL ART--A co-operative effort between Cameroon Mafa villagers, artists and Catholic priests, this is a series of absolutely beautiful colourful depictions of all the Gospel stories, some 60+ in number.  They come in formats of large and small posters, postcards, and in notecards of which you will be proud.  

Keywords: African art, Economics, Holistic Health Care, investments, science, Theology

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