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By: Roger Gurr & Associates  09-12-2011
Keywords: Executive Compensation, Stock Ownership Guidelines

Roger Gurr & Associates has extensive experience in a wide array of board director, executive and management compensation services. We provide the following services to many medium sized companies with a market cap in the range of $25 million to $3 billion.

Compensation Strategy
  • Develop the appropriate market or comparator organizations - Identify the key elements of executive compensation
  • Select the appropriate position relative to market
  • Determine the relative importance of performance based pay
Analysis of Compensation Information
  • Analyse proxy data information for executive jobs
  • Develop appropriate competitive levels (median, top quartile, etc.)
  • Confirm findings with other databanks - Use Gurr databank (eg GEM – Gurr Executive Mining)
  • Compare actual compensation with the marketplace
Base Salaries
  • Evaluate the relative importance of jobs
  • Classify jobs into grades
  • Determine salary midpoints and ranges
  • Relate position in salary range with individual performance
Bonus Plans
  • Determine bonus opportunity
  • Determine timing of performance based awards
  • Identify the performance parameters
  • Design the bonus plan with linkages to performance (company, division, personal)
Long Term Incentives
  • Select plan - stock option, restricted stock, shadow equity, performance units, etc.
  • Design plan including performance criteria and vesting provisions
  • Calculate reasonable issuance levels – annual, upon appointment, ad hoc
  • Review of company capacity and dilution issues of equity based plans - Review of potential cash drain of cash alternatives
Benefits & Perquisites
  • Advise on the overall level of competitiveness of benefits, pension, perquisites and time-off-with-pay in accordance with the marketplace and the selected compensation strategy
Special Retention/Bonus Plans
  • Mid term incentive plans
  • Major event bonus eg. mine start up
  • Turnaround bonus plans and awards
Executive Contracts
  • Advise on the content of executive contracts, including change of control provisions, termination allowances
  • Compare to typical market practices related to change of control and termination allowances
Acquisitions, Divestments & Plans of Arrangement
  • Analyse and review proposals related to the reasonableness and governance of executive compensation in the case of major acquisitions, divestments or plans of arrangement
Attraction of Executives (& Directors)
  • Advise on the compensation package to recruit executives (and directors) including recruitment/appointment incentives and one time issuances of long-term incentives
Board Director Compensation
  • Assess market trends in the levels and types of compensation (retainer, meeting fees, equity based compensation, etc.) being delivered to board and committee members -Determine the proposed approach to director compensation, based upon the company compensation strategy
  • Using proxy information, review director pay levels and practices of comparator companies
  • Prepare recommendations for cash and equity based compensation, including (as appropriate) payment for travel time and meeting attendance by telephone.
  • Assess value and additional compensation for such positions as Board Chair, Lead Director and Committee Chairs
Advisory Boards
  • Develop recommendations for compensation of members of Advisory Boards
Stock Ownership Guidelines
  • Develop stock ownership guidelines for executives and directors to improve the alignment of interests with shareholders
Business Continuity
  • Assist in the broad assessment of the strength and continuity of the executive team and any current or potential weaknesses, especially related to retention of high performers
  • Prepare compensation and other recommendations to enhance retention Develop long term plans to assure succession planning and continuity in key executive positions
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Keywords: Executive Compensation, Stock Ownership Guidelines

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