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By: Reward Gift Card  09-12-2011
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Creating an Incentive/Reward Program for your employees, customers and/or consumers that will add value, be cost effective and drive results, is what our Citizens Bank Reward Visa Gift Card Programs are all about.

The Citizens Bank Reward Visa Gift Card is always the right incentive because the recipient decides what is important to them. The right incentive brings focus to the objectives or requirements as defined by you, the organization. What we ultimately strive to deliver is a Win-Win scenario for all who participate in a Citizens Bank Reward Visa Gift Card Program.

Organizational Benefits Recipient Benefits

Strongly Branded Incentive Programs.

  • Designed to enhance brand image and extend brand experience for the recipient.
  • Drive continuous awareness of brand and program objectives.

Customized Programs.

  • Incentive Values, Terms & Conditions developed to maximize return.
  • Custom Card Carriers designed to effectively communicate brand and program objectives.

Simplicity is Effectiveness.

  • Citizens Bank RewardVisa Gift Card is always the right incentive as the recipient decides what is important to them.
  • Recipients recognize value, acceptance, flexibility and security of VISA, raising the impactfullness of the program.


  • Customer Service available 24/7 to help manage program(s).
  • Creative Services available to streamline efforts.
  • Communication Services. Effective communication internally and externally is critical to execution.


  • Citizens Bank RewardVisa Gift Card is accepted worldwide wherever Visa is accepted including on-line.


  • Purchase whatever is special to you, you earned it, you spend it!


  • Lost or Stolen cards can be replaced.

Customer Service 24/7

  • Website – check account balances on-line.
  • Toll Free 1-800 # - IVR or Live Agent Available.


  • Citizens Bank RewardVisa Gift Card can be used by whoever you choose or better yet spend it yourself.

Convenient/Easy to use.

  • Merchant swipes & you sign. Funds are automatically removed from the current balance on your card. No PIN #'s to remember, no statements to worry about.

No Late Fees.

  • With prepaid value and no negative balances allowed, late fees are never a concern.

Badge Value.

  • Citizens Bank Reward Visa Gift Card recognizes your achievements.

Keywords: Custom Card, Customer Service, gift card

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