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By: Rever Decking  09-12-2011

The natural oils and concentrated density levels of this wood also provide significant strength, which can withstand the traffic and usage people expect from decking of this caliber. These benefits further include insect resistance, cool surfaces, little or no wood rot or decay, resistance to mold and fungus, and the tolerance against scratches, slivers and slippage. These advantages are a major selling point for consumers who plan to install a new deck.

In addition, Ipe decking will often outlast composite materials. This fact is yet another plus for consumers who want to make a lasting investment in a material that is suitable for properties in all parts of the country. From temperate climates to humid areas to arid conditions, Ipe decking has a deserved reputation for superior characteristics.

The color of this material also draws praise from consumers and critics alike. For example: the extremely dense and tight grain of this wood displays a rich brown color with red and amber hues that look perfect in an outdoor setting. The fine texture and interlocking patterns, which can be straight or wavy, are a hallmark of the features consumers want from such a distinguished form of decking.

Bear in mind that Ipe decking requires proper care. The good news is that maintenance is easy. By applying the right deck oil to the surface of this material, homeowners can further strengthen the wood’s ability to repel water and UV rays. This deck oil can preserve the reddish-brown color of the wood. Remember: vigilant protection of this material will safeguard the integrity of the wood, saving countless dollars over the long run.

Finally, installing Ipe decking is a straightforward process that involves a handful of specific tools, hardware and other accessories. The wood’s extreme density may require some supervision from a trained professional, but the installation process is otherwise simple and relatively quick.

Ipe decking has many merits worth highlighting. Its strength, beauty and tested resilience warrant the attention of consumers. By instantly beautifying any outdoor space, this material is an investment in the natural properties of a truly distinguished type of wood. Such a purchase will be a source of relaxation and comfort for many years in any situation.

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The process is slow, yes, but it may require replacing one or more of the topping boards to avoid seeing this eventually drastic shift in color. While 25-years represents a long period of use, fading may even begin after the initial installation of this material. In terms of warranties, composite decking often has a 25-year warranty concerning. The new boards will fade and assume the same color as the original boards.