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By: Reval  09-12-2011
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Reval’s consultants specialize in understanding your specific business needs and in translating those needs into an effective deployment of Reval. Every implementation is delivered by a team of experts that specializes in all areas of enterprise treasury and risk workflow, including cash and liquidity management, risk management, derivative valuations, hedge accounting and technology. Our consultants work closely with your project team to deliver against our proven implementation methodology.

In addition to our team of business and technical consultants, Reval’s project team is committed to proactive communication and transparency. Project managers are accountable and responsible for the success of each project and are well versed in Reval’s methodology of deploying our Software-as-a-Service.

Our Professional Services team has built a reputation of delivering projects on time and on budget. The team’s objective is steadfast: accurately and efficiently deliver the benefits of Reval in a manner that strives for high quality and high customer satisfaction.

We have designed a collaborative eight-step process to reach this objective:

  1. Conduct client business process review.
    Reval analyzes the client’s derivative transaction flow, internal controls, segregation of duties, portfolio structure, month-end financial reporting process, and other items relevant to the selected Reval functionalities.
  2. Gather functional requirements.
    Reval reviews the specific requirements for each client business unit that will be using the Reval SaaS platform and analyzes the data needs of each.
  3. Validate proof of concept.
    Reval models sample trades provided by the client and validates the results of the mark-to-markets and hedge effectiveness, if warranted, using Reval market data.
  4. Conduct user training.
    Reval employs a train-the-trainer approach, working with the client to identify key client personnel who will eventually become internal experts on how to use Reval’s SaaS platform. This initial training focuses on empowering users to begin using the application, building skills daily through lectures and hands-on usage.
  5. Reconcile final data input.
    Reval assists the client with the upload of the remaining portion of the client’s transaction data and with the reconciliation of all mark-to-markets for loaded transactions.
  6. Configure operational workflow.
    Reval assists the client with defining and documenting the desired workflow of its users working within Reval’s SaaS platform. Also, we review the operational effectiveness of any Straight-Through Processing of data from Reval® to a client or third-party system.
  7. Run month-end processing in tandem.
    Reval readies new clients preparing to “go live” with Reval’s SaaS platform by running parallel with them, then comparing results.After successfully completing these seven major steps, only one remains:
  8. Go live.

Once clients reach this stage, the implementation of Reval® successfully concludes. But clients now move to a new dimension of Reval client services. Our Client Solutions team, backed by a Reval relationship manager who acts as a client advocate within Reval’s global organization, join forces to provide ongoing support.


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