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By: Restell Strategic  09-12-2011
Keywords: Insurance, Due Diligence



Buying a Business

We can show buyers how to identify opportunities that will meet their strategic objectives, maximize their purchasing power and find creative financial solutions. Our objective analysis will allow you to compare both the structural and cultural differences of available opportunities.

Restell Strategic Partners can explore other strategic alliances that could strengthen your position in the market.

We can also guide you through the process of selling your business providing balance sheet analysis, and income and expense statement normalization. We can help you to locate potential purchasers or assay the possibilities of employee share ownership plans. Restell Strategic Partners work as an intermediary or negotiator to keep the acquisition process moving forward so that business owners can focus on day-to-day operations.  We also screen potential purchasers to protect your privacy and ensure your time is used effectively. Restell Strategic Partners can help you create a seamless succession plan that will make the most of your financial and staff resources.

Financial Institutions             

In these days of compressed rate spreads and disappearing fee revenue, it’s important to diversify.  The insurance business is a natural way to diversify revenue and allows you to meet an obvious need that your existing customers have.  Investing in an insurance operation is a stable, predictable business line that has no sensitivity to interest rate fluctuations and produces a healthy bottom line each and every year.

We can help you get started by explaining how the insurance industry works, how it is governed and the steps you need to take to be meet the legal requirements. We will carry out your due diligence process, working with you to develop a strategic plan that optimizes your resources and addresses realistic financial goals based on industry benchmarks. If your business already provides insurance services but you’re not satisfied with your returns, we can help. We’ll analyze your current operational strategy and make recommendations on how to improve and optimize your existing services.

We can also help you to:
  • Put together a comprehensive cross selling strategy that will allow you to increase customer loyalty and your profitability by offering even more diversity to your products and services.
  • Create effective presentations and winning board reports that will add clarity and momentum to your goals and strategies.
  • Locate training resources to ensure your organization can provide exceptional customer service
  • Provide accurate valuations

Keywords: Due Diligence, Insurance