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By: Reflex Ads  09-12-2011
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An animated multi-banner ad will always catch and hold the viewer’s attention more quickly and effectively than an immobile single banner.

The Reflex rotational ad is a multi-banner online billboard that flows between three distinct images. By breaking free from the predictable format of standard online advertising, Reflex rotational ads give you a powerful way to capture your audience’s attention. Each Reflex rotational ad can accomplish three important goals:

  • Brand Messaging
  • Company or Product Information
  • Visual Awareness

Now, Internet marketers have an affordable way to use three different images in the same space to promote their products and get their messages across.

Multi-banner Reflex rotational ads dominate the web pages where they appear.

By catching the audiences’ attention with movement and then engaging their curiosity Reflex rotational ads interact with people. By telling a story in three parts, they connect with viewers in a way that conventional, static display advertising can’t match. Because of the brief pauses that occur as Reflex rotational ads’ images shift, they are ideal for campaigns that involve several messages.

To Create Your Reflex Rotational Ad

You need:

  • 3 banner ads in a non-animated GIF or JPEG format. Each GIF or JPEG should be 30KB or smaller. All of the ads should have the same width and height in pixels and have the dimensions of the Reflex rotational ad you want to create.
  • The order you want the banners to appear ˆ which ad comes first, second and third.

Technical Details

The Reflex rotational ad is compatible with Macromedia® Flash® Player version 7 or higher.

The intrinsic file size of a Reflex rotational ad is 20KB, and each banner can be up to 12KB for the leaderboard ad unit (468x60 IMU), for a total maximum file size of 56KB. With other ad units, each banner can be up to 20KB, for a total maximum file size of up to 80KB.

By using banners with smaller file sizes, RMAF Users can create Reflex rotational ads that are compatible with IAB guidelines. However, a typical Reflex rotational ad is NOT compatible with the IAB guidelines for rich media ads of the same dimensions. Advertisers should consult with their publishers or ad networks to ensure that a typical Reflex rotational ad would still be acceptable.

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The Tristitial offers Internet marketers a new kind of affordable, multi-banner ad format that displays three different images from the same campaign in the same single ad space, using a new and eye-catching rich media ad that naturally dominates display advertising.