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By: Reflex Ads  09-12-2011
Keywords: Display Advertising, Internet Marketers, Static Display


Multi-Banner Ad the way to Dominate Display Advertising

The multi-banner capability of Tristitials can be powerfully exploited as a standard, single advertiser ad format used in display advertising.

The Tristitial offers Internet marketers a new kind of affordable, multi-banner ad format that displays three different images from the same campaign in the same single ad space, using a new and eye-catching rich media ad that naturally dominates display advertising.

A multi-banner Tristitial simply rules the web page where it appears, if the competing advertisers on that page are using only conventional or static display advertising. Why? Because one static banner is no match against three animated banners. An animated multi-banner ad will always catch and hold the viewer’s attention more quickly and effectively than an immobile single banner.

A multi-banner ad also empowers an Internet marketer to accomplish three important objectives in a single online ad: brand messaging, company or product information, and special promotions or discounts. The multi-banner feature of the Tristitial is especially helpful to Internet marketers whenever an online campaign involves several product images, humor in stages, and/or surprises that require a brief pause between multiple messages.

Keywords: Display Advertising, Internet Marketers, Static Display

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Reflex Ads - PRODUCTS - rotational ads

By breaking free from the predictable format of standard online advertising, Reflex rotational ads give you a powerful way to capture your audience’s attention. The intrinsic file size of a Reflex rotational ad is 20KB, and each banner can be up to 12KB for the leaderboard ad unit, for a total maximum file size of 56KB.