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By: Re-systems Group Canada  09-12-2011

RE-Systems Group Canada » Rooftop Parkades

Due to the fact that real estate is at a premium in the Lower Mainland, many commercial structures utilize the rooftops as parking lots. The Re-Systems Group Canada offers a complete or partial membrane replacement on rooftop parkades WITHOUT having to displace the concrete slab. Our Turbo Seal injection system doesn’t just bridge leaking cracks; it forms a brand new restorative membrane over the injected area.

Our unique material displaces the moisture trapped between the sandwich slabs as it forms a permanent waterproofing membrane. We are able to inject areas as concentrated as 100 sq. ft. to an entire parking lot. The Re-Systems Group Canada offers a twenty year warranty that the area injected will no longer have water ingress issues.

In the following clip, we drill down to the existing membrane and install a simple injection packer. We then inject Turbo Seal, creating a brand new waterproofing membrane. We verify our coverage when we get counterflow in an adjacent drilled hole. Typically, holes are drilled in a grid pattern of approximately every three feet.

Current Marketplace Options 1. Breaking concrete/disposing concrete/replacing failed membrane/re-pouring concrete slab.

Main Issues

a) Expense: It is very costly to demolish the concrete layer, dispose it, and organize the logistics to re-pour concrete after the membrane is replaced.

b) Disruption/Noise: Occupied spaces below have to deal with loud construction noise. Each parking spot that is not in service is an inconvenience to the customer. Demolition of concrete may cause the tenant below to temporarily shut down business.
c) Loss of Income/Customers: Each parking space that is taken away during time of construction directly results in loss of income. Inconvenience in parking may drive potential customers away.

d) Effect on the Environment: Concrete waste is becoming a greater issue.

2. Epoxy Injection.

a) While it might fix the leak issue, this is only a temporary solution. The concrete structure moves several hundred times in a day and the same crack will reappear.

b) In the meanwhile, this type of fix doesn’t repair the real issue at hand, which is water flowing between the slabs. The water remains trapped and will simply find another crack to flow into.

c) The Turbo Seal injection system is cost competitive with epoxy injection while permanently fixing the issue.

3. Drip Pans/PVC Pipes.

a) Doesn’t solve the problem. While inexpensive at the time, this might interfere with the building’s structural integrity.

b) The pans/pipes need to be constantly maintained.

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